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across the orchard through many laterals. Isn tit beautiful, eh?beautiful! beautiful! the man chanted in an ecstasy. Its bud and fruit. Its blood and life. Look at it! It makes a gold mine laughable, and a saloon a nightmare. I know. I … I used to be a barkeeper. In fact, Ive been a barkeeper most of my life. Thats how I paid for this place. And Ive hated the business all the time. I was a farm boy, and all my life Ive been wanting 55mm ray ban aviators to get back to it. And here I am at last. He wiped his glasses the better to behold his beloved water, then seized a hoe and strode down the main ditch to open more laterals. Hes the funniest barkeeper I ever seen, Billy commented. I took him for a business man of some sort. Must a-ben in 55mm ray ban aviators some kind of a quiet hotel. Dont drive on right away, Saxon requested. I

gate which Billy had installed, and crossed the fields on a road which 55mm ray ban aviators was coated thick with chalky dust. This was the road that led to Chavons clay pit. The hundred and forty lay to the west. Two wagons, in a cloud of dust, came into sight. Your teams, Billy, cried Saxon. Think of it! Just by the use of the head, earning your money while youre riding around with me. Makes me ashamed to think how much cash money each one of them teams is bringin me in every day, he acknowledged. They were turning off from the road toward the bars which gave entrance to the one hundred and forty, when the driver of the foremost wagon hallod and waved his hand. They drew in their horses and waited. The big roans broke loose, the dryer said, as he stopped beside them. Clean crazy locobitin, squealin, strikin 55mm ray ban aviators ,

their nature, as monkeys have, that is no reason why they should give way to those tricks like monkeys, who know no better. And therefore they must not torment dumb creatures; for if they do, a certain old lady who is coming will surely give them exactly what they deserve. But Tom did not know that; and he pecked and howked the poor water-things about sadly, till they were all afraid of him, and got out of his way, or crept into their shells; so he had no one to speak to or play with. The water-fairies, of course, were very sorry to see him so unhappy, and longed to take him, and tell him how naughty he was, and teach him to be good, and to play and romp with him too: b 55mm ray ban aviators ut they had been forbidden to do that. Tom had to learn his lesson for himself by sound and sharp expe 55mm ray ban aviators rience, as many

Kynance; and pillars ribboned with red and white and yellow sandstone, like Livermead; and there were blue grottoes like Capri, and white grottoes like Adelsberg; all curtained and draped with seaweeds, purple and crimson 55mm ray ban aviators , green and brown; and strewn with soft white sand, on which the water-babies sleep every night. But, to keep the place clean and sweet, the crabs picked up all the scraps off the floor and ate them like so many monkeys; while the rocks were covered with ten thousand sea-anemones, and corals and madrepores, who scavenged the water all day long, and kept it nice and pure. But, to make up to them for having to do such nasty work, they were 55mm ray ban aviators not left black and dirty, as poor chimney-sweeps and dustmen are. No; the fairies are more considerate and just than that, and have

very hard work they have, and of very little use it is. For as fast as they hide away the old trash, foolish and wicked people make fresh trash full of lime and poisonous paints, and actually go and steal r 55mm ray ban aviators eceipts out of old Madame Sciences big book to invent poisons for little children, and sell them at wakes and fairs and tuck-shops. Very well. Let them go on. Dr. Letheby and Dr. Hassall cannot catch them, though they are setting traps for them all day long. But the Fairy with the birch-rod will catch them all in time, and make them begin at one corner of their shops, and eat their way out at the other: by which time they will have got such stomachaches as will cure them of poisoning little children. Next he saw all the little people in the world, writing all the little books i 55mm ray ban aviators n the

air. We put some distance between us and the two cars. Finally we approached the end of a brief straightaway. Trumps place, Mar-a-Lago, was on our right. We rounded a steep curve, and then . . . The South Bridge was in sight. I took a last look behind. The Hummer was about a hundred yards back. We were going to be okay. Th 55mm ray ban aviators en I felt the Ducati go into a giant downshift. I heard Geoff yell, Oh, shit! 165 I looked forward and I couldnt believe it. A Boston Whaler was putt-putting its way up the Intercoastal. My heart was going putt-putt, too only really fast. The bridge was going up. Chapter 72 THE BRIDGE BELL was clanging. The guardrail was already going dow 55mm ray ban aviators n. A line of cars and gardeners trucks was starting to back up. The Hummer was coming up behind us. We had seconds to decide what to do.

of the line o 55mm ray ban aviators f fire. You size up the situation. You wait for backup. Except in training, you didnt have some guy you probably loved screwing up the situation. She told herself she knew how to do this. She twisted the handle on the door and took a deep breath. Then she heard two sharp bangs echoing on the rooftop. That changed everything. Shots were being fired. Chapter 110 I HAD SCREWED UP things like the complete amateur I was. The thought that Stratton would get away after murdering Mickey, Dave, his own wife, was killing me more tha 55mm ray ban aviators n anything else. Dont be so glum, Ned, Stratton said expansively. Were both going on a trip. Unfortunately, yours will be a little shorter. He shot a glance at the choppers progress and motioned me along the roof with a wave of his gun. I didnt want to give

wearing an alms-bag at her belt; or there were nameless portraits of English ladies with fair curls, who looked at you from under their round straw hats with their large clear eyes. Some th 55mm ray ban aviators ere were lounging in their carriages, gliding through parks, a greyhound bounding along in front of the equipage driven at a trot by two midget postilions in white breeches. Others, dreaming on sofas with an open letter, gazed at the moon through a slightly open window half draped by a black curtain. The naive ones, a tear on their cheeks, were kissing doves through the bars of a Gothic cage, or, smiling, their heads on one side, were plucking the leaves of a marguerite with their taper fingers, that curved at the tips like peaked shoes. And you, too, were there, Sultans wit 55mm ray ban aviators h long pipes reclining beneath