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beautiful Napa Valley. The next valley beyond was Sonoma, where Hastings had invited them to his ranch. And here they would have gone, had not Billy chanced upon a newspaper item which told of the writers departure to cover some revolution that was breaking out somewhere in Mexico. Well see m later on, Billy said, as they turned northwest, through the vineyards and orchards of Napa Valley. Were like that millionaire Bert used to sing about, except black lens ray ban aviators its time that weve got to bu black lens ray ban aviators rn. Any direction is as good as any other, only west is best. Three times in the Napa Valley Billy refused work. Past St. Helena, Saxon hailed with joy the unmistakable redwoods they could see growing up the small canyons that penetrated the western wall of the valley. At Calistoga, at the end of the railroad, they saw

m the railroad station, bought under Mrs. Mortimers instructions. The convicts paroled were Chinese. Both had served long in prison, and were old men; but the days work they were habitually capable of won Mrs. Mortimers approval. Gow Yum, twenty years before, had had charge of the vegetable garden of one of the great Menlo Park estates. His disaster had come in the form of a fight over a game of fan tan in the C black lens ray ban aviators hinese quarter at Redwood City. His companion, Chan Chi, had been a hatchet-man of note, in the old fighting days of the San Franciseo tongs. But a quarter of centu black lens ray ban aviators ry of discipline in the prison vegetable gardens had cooled his blood and turned his hand from hatchet to hoe. These two assistants had arrived in Glen Ellen like precious goods in bond and been receipted for by the local

you cant see it; and so there may be fairies in the wo black lens ray ban aviators rld, and they may be just what makes the world go round to the old tune of Cest lamour, lamour, lamour Qui fait la monde à la ronde: and yet no one may be able to see them except those whose hearts are going round to that same tune. At all events, we will make believe that there are fairies in the world. It will not be the last time by many a one that we shall have to make believe. And yet, after all, there is no need for that. There must be fairies; for this is a fairy tale: and how can one have a fairy tale if there are no fairies? You dont see the logic of that? Perhaps not. Then please not to see the logic of a great many arguments exac black lens ray ban aviators tly like it, which you will hear before your beard is gray. The kind old dame came back at twelve,

and I am afraid the professor was one of them, interpret that in a more strange, curious, one-sided, left-handed, topsy-turvy, inside-out, behind- black lens ray ban aviators before fashion than even Cousin Cramchild; for they make it mean, that you must show your respect for children, by never confessing yourself in the wrong to them, even if you know that you are so, lest they should lose confidence in their elders. Now, if the professor had black lens ray ban aviators said to Ellie, Yes, my darling, it is a water-baby, and a very wonderful thing it is; and it shows how little I know of the wonders of nature, in spite of forty years honest labour. I was just telling you that there could be no such creatures; and, behold! here is one come to confound my conceit and show me that Nature can do, and has done, beyond all that mans poor fancy can

and how many young grouse they had swallowed whole, and how many grouse-eggs they had flown away with, stuck on the point of their bills, which is the hood black lens ray ban aviators ie-crows particularly clever feat, of which he is as proud as a gipsy is of doing the hokany-baro; and what that is, I wont tell you. And at last they brought out the prettiest, neatest young lady-crow that ever was seen, and set her in the middle, and all began abu black lens ray ban aviators sing and vilifying, and rating, and bullyragging at her, because she had stolen no grouse-eggs, and had actually dared to say that she would not steal any. So she was to be tried publicly by their laws for the hoodies always try some offenders in their great yearly parliament. And there she stood in the middle, in her black gown and gray hood, looking as meek and as neat as a

isnt to be trusted with a gun, and neither is any man who lies about why he wants one. And while I was at it, I called the police, on the upstairs phone. I had to use your name; I deepened my voice and talked through a handkerchief. You Blake Hartley jumped as though bee-stung. Why did you have to do that? You know why. I couldnt have told them, This is lit black lens ray ban aviators tle Allan Hartley, just thirteen years old; please, Mr. Policeman, go and arrest Frank Gutchall before he goes root-toot-toot at his wife with my pappas Luger. That would have gone over big, now, wouldnt it? And suppose he really wants to shoot a dog; what sort of a mess will I be in? No mess at all. If Im wrongwhich Im notIll take the thump for it, myself. Itll pass for a dumb kid trick, and nothingll be done. But if black lens ray ban aviators Im right, youll

causes. Ill take a suite there under my na black lens ray ban aviators me. How about if I excuse myself from the party, say, around nine? Ill be there. 215 I hung up the phone, black lens ray ban aviators a dull beat thudding in my chest. When I walked out of the restaurant, a black car was waiting at the curb. Ellie and two FBI agents were looking at me expectantly. Were in business, I said. Nine o clock tonight. We got some work to do before then, one of the agents said. Maybe later, I said, theres something I have to do first. Chapter 98 A GUARD SEARCHED ME and led me back into the holding cells in the Palm Beach County Jail. What is it with you Kellys? he asked, shaking his head. In the blood? My father was lying on a metal cot in a cell, staring off into space. I stood watching for a while. In the dingy light, I could almost make out the

because nothing rather lighter had been prepared for him than for the others, such as a little clotted cream or stewed pears. He told stories. Charles found himself laughing, but the remembrance of his wife suddenly coming back to him depressed h black lens ray ban aviators im. Coffee was brought in; he thought no more about her. He thought less of her as he grew accustomed to living alone. The new delight of independence soon made his loneliness bearable. He could now change his meal-times, go in or out without explanation, and when he was very tired stretch himself at full length on his bed. So he nursed and coddled himself and accepted the consolations that were off black lens ray ban aviators ered him. On the other hand, the death of his wife had not served him ill in his business, since for a month people had been saying, The poor young man!