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sixty cents, seventy cents, a dollar. Do you want to know what he finally did sell for? One dollar and sixty-five a sack. Suppose they actually cost him forty cents. A hundred and sixty times twelve hundred … let me see … twelve times nought is nought and twelve times sixteen is a hundred and ninety-two … a hundred and ninety-two thousand sacks at a dollar and a quarter net… four into a hundred an cheapest ray ban aviators d ninety-two is forty-eight, plus, is two hundred and fortythere you are, cheapest ray ban aviators two hundred and forty thousand dollars clear profit on that years deal. An him a Chink, Billy mourned disconsolately. He turned to Saxon. They ought to be some new country for us white folks to go to. Gosh!were settin on the stoop all right, all right. But, of course, that was unusual, Glunston hastened to qualify. There

two creeks. Oh, what cheapest ray ban aviators a place for a home, Saxon cried, pointing across Wild Water. See, Billy, on that bench there above the meadow. Its a rich bottom, Saxon; and so is the bench rich. Look at the big trees on it. An theys sure to be springs. Drive over, she said. Forsaking the main road, they crossed Wild Water on a narro cheapest ray ban aviators w bridge and continued along an ancient, rutted road that ran beside an equally ancient worm-fence of split redwood rails. They came to a gate, open and off its hinges, through which the road led out on the bench. This is itI know it, Saxon said with conviction. Drive in, Billy. A small, whitewashed farmhouse with broken windows showed through the trees. Talk about your madronos Billy pointed to the father of all madronos, six feet in diameter at its base, sturdy and sound,

kettles tied to ten thousand mad dogs tails. Up jumped the little white lady in her bed, and, seeing Tom, screamed as shrill as any peacock. In rushed a stout old nurse from the next room, and seeing Tom likewise, made up her mind that he had come to rob, plunder, destroy, and burn; and dashed at him, as he lay over the fender, so fast that she caught him by the jacket. But she did not ho cheapest ray ban aviators ld him. Tom had been in a policemans hands many a time, and out of them too, what is more; and he would have been ashamed to face his friends for ever if he had been stupid enough to be caught by an old woman; so he doubled under the good ladys arm, across the room, and out of the window in a moment. H cheapest ray ban aviators e did not need to drop out, though he would have done so bravely enough. Nor even to let himself down a

him, without his seeing their fair faces, or feeling their gentle hands. And, as he went, he had a very strange adventure. It was a clear still September night, and the moon shone so brightly down through the water, that he could not sleep, though he shut his eyes as tight as possible. So at last he came up to the top, and sat upon a little point of rock, and looked up at the broad yellow moon, and wondered what she was, and thought that she looked at him. And he watched the moonlight on the rippling river, and the black heads of the cheapest ray ban aviators firs, and the silver-frosted lawns, and listened to the owls hoot, and the snipes bleat, and the f cheapest ray ban aviators oxs bark, and the otters laugh; and smelt the soft perfume of the birches, and the wafts of heather honey off the grouse moor far above; and felt very happy,

the very cheapest ray ban aviators same words. Tom was very unhappy at that. And, when Ellie went home on Sunday, he frette cheapest ray ban aviators d and cried all day, and did not care to listen to the fairys stories about good children, though they were prettier than ever. Indeed, the more he overheard of them, the less he liked to listen, because they were all about children who did what they did not like, and took trouble for other people, and worked to feed their little brothers and sisters instead of caring only for their play. And, when she began to tell a story about a holy child in old times, who was martyred by the heathen because it would not worship idols, Tom could bear no more, and ran away and hid among the rocks. And, when Ellie came back, he was shy with her, because he fancied she looked down on him, and thought him a

she was, and how he turned into a water-baby. Ah! said Grimes, good reason she had to hate the sight of a chimney-sweep. I ran away from her and took up with the sweeps, and never let her know where I was, nor sent her a penny to help her, and now its too latetoo late! said Mr. Grimes. And he began crying and blubbering like a great baby, til cheapest ray ban aviators l his pipe dropped out of his mouth, and broke all to bits. Oh, dear, if I was but a little chap in Vendale again, to see the clear beck, and the apple-orchard, and the yew-hedge, how different I would go on! But its too late now. So you go along, you kind little chap, and dont stand to look at a man crying, thats old enough to be your father, and never feared the face of man, nor of worse neither. But Im cheapest ray ban aviators beat now, and beat I must be. Ive made my bed,

ponytail. She smiled as she saw me, but she looked as though it were the end of a stressful day cheapest ray ban aviators . Hector Rodriguez bent down and took off the monitoring device strapped to my ankle. He shook my hand and wished me luck. Youre back to being the FBIs problem now. For a second, Ellie and I just stood there. I could see her reading the stress in my eyes. You okay? Im okay, I lied. I checked around to see if anyone was watc cheapest ray ban aviators hing, then I folded her into her arms. I have some news. I could feel her face brushing against my chest. For a second, I wasnt sure who was holding whom. I have news, too, Ned. I know who Gachet is, Ellie. Her eyes grew moist and she nodded. Cmon, Ill drive you home. 192 I guess I expected her to be completely stunned when on the way back to Sollies I told her the name my

large mouth, and shouted at the top of his voice as if calling someone in the word Charbovari. A hubbub broke out, rose in crescendo with bursts of shrill voices they yelled, barked, stamped, repeated Charbovari! Charbovari, then died away into single notes, growing quieter only with great difficulty, and now and again suddenly recommencing along the line of a form whence rose here and there, lik cheapest ray ban aviators e a damp cracker going off, a stifled laugh. However, amid a r cheapest ray ban aviators ain of impositions, order was gradually re-established in the class; and the master having succeeded in catching the name of Charles Bovary, having had it dictated to him, spelt out, and re-read, at once ordered the poor devil to go and sit down on the punishment form at the foot of the masters desk. He got up, but before going hesitated.