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to the dilapidated boat-landing where they sat. Opposite the t female ray ban sunglasses own lay a long flat island, on which a row of ragged poplars leaned against the sky. Just like in that Dutch windmill picture Mark Hall has, Saxon said. Billy pointed out the mouth of the slough and across the broad reach of water to a cluster of tiny white buildings, behind which, like a glimmering mirage, rolled the low Montezuma Hills. Those houses is Collinsville, he informed her. The Sacramento river comes in there, and you go up it to Rio Vista an Isleton, and Walnut Grove, and all those places Mr. Gunston was tellin us about. Its all islands and sloughs, connectin clear across an back to t female ray ban sunglasses he San Joaquin. Isnt the sun good, Saxon yawned. And how quiet it is here, so short a distance away from those strange foreigners. And

on work table, couch and desk. On a sill by an open window, a jar of autumn leaves breathed the charm of the sweet brown wife, who seated herself in a tiny rattan chair, enameled a cheery red, such as chi female ray ban sunglasses ldren delight to rock in. A queer house, Mrs. Hale laughed girlishly and contentedly. But we love it. Edmund made it with his own hands even to the plumbing, though he did have a terrible time with that before he succeeded. How about that hardwood floor downstairs?an the fireplace? Billy inqui female ray ban sunglasses red. All, all, she replied proudly. And half the furniture. That cedar desk there, the tablewith his own hands. They are such gentle hands, Saxon was moved to say. Mrs. Hale looked at her quickly, her vivid face alive with a grateful light. They are gentle, the gentlest hands I have ever known, she

land, and went to the bottom of it, and then he turned bravely away from the wall and up the moor; for he knew that he had put a hill between him and his en female ray ban sunglasses emies, and could go on without their seeing him. But the Irishwoman, alone of them all, had seen which way Tom went. She had kept ahead of every one the whole time; and yet she neither walked nor ran. She went along quite smoothly and gracefully, while her feet twinkled past each other so fast that you could not see which was foremost; till every one asked the other who the strange woman was; and all agreed, for want of anything better to say, that she must be in league with Tom. But when she came to the plantation, they lost sight of her; and they could do no less. F female ray ban sunglasses or she went quietly over the wall after Tom, and followed him wherever

having the advantage of reaping them. But Tom was always a brave, determined, little English bull-dog, who never knew when he was beaten; and on and on he held, till he saw a long way off the red buoy through the fog. And then he found to his surprise, the stream turned round, and running up inland. It was the tide, of course: but Tom knew nothing of the tide. He only knew that in a minute more t female ray ban sunglasses he water, which had been fresh, turned salt all round him. And then there came a change over him. He felt as strong, and light, and fresh, as if his veins had run champagne; and gave, he did not know why, three skips out of the water, a yard high, an female ray ban sunglasses d head over heels, just as the salmon do when they first touch the noble rich salt water, which, as some wise men tell us, is the mother of all living

their throats; and, if any little pigs ran about ready roasted, crying, Come and eat me, as was their fashion in that country, they waited till the pigs ran against their mouths, and then took a bite, and were content, just as so many oysters would have been. They needed no weapons, for no enemies ever came near their land; and no tools, for everything was readymade to their hand; and the stern old fairy Necessity never came near them to hunt them up, and make them use their wits, or die. And so on, and so on, and so on, till there were never such comfortable, easy-going, happy-go-lucky people in the world. Well, that is a jolly life, said Tom. You think so? said the fairy. Do you see that great peaked mountain female ray ban sunglasses there behind, said t female ray ban sunglasses he fairy, with smoke coming out of its top? Yes. And do you

Ellie. Oh, Miss Ellie, said he, how you are grown! Oh, Tom, said she, how you are grown too! And no wonder; they were both quite grown uphe into a tall man, and she into a beautiful woman. Perhaps I may be grown, she said. I have had time enough; for I have been sitting here waiting for you many a hundred years, till I thought you were never coming. Many a hundred years? thought Tom; but he had seen so much in his travels that he had quite given up being astonished; and, indeed, he could think of nothing female ray ban sunglasses but female ray ban sunglasses Ellie. So he stood and looked at Ellie, and Ellie looked at him; and they liked the employment so much that they stood and looked for seven years more, and neither spoke nor stirred. At last they heard the fairy say: Attention, children. Are you never going to look at me again? We have

it might be good to get up there now. Tomorrow morning. Moretti nodded sort of glumly, as if he were thinking something over. Then, a second later he shrugged, as if he had made up his mind. Try to be careful this time, he said, and smiled. You remember what happened the last time you went up there? Dont worry, Ellie said. What are the chances o female ray ban sunglasses f something like that happening two times in a row? Chapter 89 THAT NIGHT Ellie put on an old wrinkled T-shirt, cleaned her face, and slid into bed about eleve female ray ban sunglasses n. She was tired, but also wired. She didnt turn on the TV. For a while she leafed through a book on van der Heyden, a Dutch painter from the seventeenth century, but mostly found herself staring off into space. Shed found out what she needed to know; now it was just a question of what to do

and even said the young man had a very good memory. *A devotion said at morning, noon, and evening, at the sound of a bell. Here, the evening prayer. Charles could not go on like this. Madame Bovary took strong steps. Ashamed, or rather tired out, Monsieur Bovary gave in without a struggl female ray ban sunglasses e, and they waited one year longer, so that the lad should take his first communion. Six months more passed, and the year after Charles was finally sent to school at Rouen, where his father took him towards the end of October, at the time of the St. Romain fair. It would now be impossible for any of us to remember anything about him. He was a youth of even temperament, who played in play female ray ban sunglasses time, worked in school-hours, was attentive in class, slept well in the dormitory, and ate well in the refectory. He had