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from a book, while she sewed. gold ray ban glasses Beside them sprawled a fox terrier. Gosh! they dont have to stick around cities to be happy, Billy commented. A Japanese came on deck from the cabin, sat down forard, and began picking a chicken. The feathers floated away in a long line toward the mouth of the slough. Oh! Look! Saxon pointed in her excitement. Hes fishing! And the line is fast to his toe! The man had dropped the book face-downward on the cabin and reached for the line, while the woman looked up from her sewing, and the terrier gold ray ban glasses began to bark. In came the line, hand under hand, and at the end a big catfish. When this was removed, and the line rebaited and dropped overboard, the man took a turn around his toe and went on reading. A Japanese came down on the landing-stage beside Saxon and Billy,

baby. Her mother was my sister. Do you know how greatly you resemble her? I remarked it to Edmund yesterday. He had already seen it. It wasnt a bit strange that his heart leaped out to you two as you came drilling down behind those beautiful horses. So Mrs. Hale was Claras au gold ray ban glasses ntold stock that had crossed the Plains. Saxon knew now why she had reminded her so strongly of her own mother. The talk whipped quite away from Billy, who could only admire the detailed work of the cedar desk while he listened. Saxon told of meeting Clara and Jack Hastings on their yacht and on their driving trip in Oregon. They were off again, Mrs. Eale said, having shipped their horses home from V gold ray ban glasses ancouver and taken the Canadian Pacific on their way to England. Mrs. Hale knew Saxons mother or, rather, her poems; and

; but they were as much frightened as he, and shot away into the heath. And then, under a rock, he saw a pretty sighta great brown, sharp-nosed creature, with a white tag to her brush, and round her four or five smutty little cubs, the funniest fellows Tom ever saw. She lay on her back, rolling about, and stretching out her legs and head and tail in the bright sunshine; and the cubs jumped over her, and ran round her, and n gold ray ban glasses ibbled her paws, and lugged her about by the tail; and she seemed to enjoy it mightily. But one selfish little fellow stole away from the rest to a dead crow close by, and dragged it off to hide it, though it was nearly as big as he was. Whereat all his little brothers set off after him i gold ray ban glasses n full cry, and saw Tom; and then all ran back, and up jumped Mrs. Vixen, and caught

at play outsid gold ray ban glasses e. Oh, then, said Tom, I shall have playfellows at last, and he swam on to the buoy, and got upon it for he was quite out of breath and sat there, and looked round for water- gold ray ban glasses babies: but there were none to be seen. The sea-breeze came in freshly with the tide and blew the fog away; and the little waves danced for joy around the buoy, and the old buoy danced with them. The shadows of the clouds ran races over the bright blue bay, and yet never caught each other up; and the breakers plunged merrily upon the wide white sands, and jumped up over the rocks, to see what the green fields inside were like, and tumbled down and broke themselves all to pieces, and never minded it a bit, but mended themselves and jumped up again. And the terns hovered over Tom like huge white dragon-

they invented a cock-and-bull story, which, I am sure, I never told them, that the smoke was the breath of a giant, whom some gods or other had buried under the mountain; and that the cinders were what the dwarfs roasted the little pigs whole with; and other nonsense of that kind. And, when folks are in that humour, I cannot gold ray ban glasses teach them, save by the good old birch-rod. And then she turned over the next five hundred years: and there were the remnant of the Doasyoulikes, doing as they liked, as before. They were too lazy to move aw gold ray ban glasses ay from the mountain; so they said, If it has blown up once, that is all the more reason that it should not blow up again. And they were few in number: but they only said, The more the merrier, but the fewer the better fare. However, that was not quite true; for all

see it there. And they looked into her great, deep, soft eyes, and they changed again and again into every hue, as the light changes in a diamond. Now read my name, said she, at last. And her eyes flashed, for one moment, clear, white, blazing light: but the children could not read her name; for they were gold ray ban glasses dazzled, and hid their faces in their hands. Not yet, young things, not yet, said she, smiling; and then she turned to Ellie. You may take him home with you now on Sundays, Ellie. He has won his spurs in the great battle, and become fit to go with you and be a man; because he has done the thing he did not like. So Tom went home with Ellie on Sundays, and sometimes on weekdays, too; and he is now a great gold ray ban glasses man of science, and can plan railroads, and steam-engines, and electric telegraphs,

wrapped her fingers around the gun that she usually kept on the coatrack but tonight, just to be sure, had by her side. Ellie carefully switched off the safety and eased the pistol out from under her pillow. She told gold ray ban glasses herself to be calm, but her mouth was completely dry. She hadnt read it wrong. This was happening tonight! The creaking sounds came closer. Ellie could feel someone advancing in the dark toward her bedroom. She wrapped her fingers around the gun. You can do this, a voice said inside. You knew it was going to happen. Just wait a little longer. Cmon, Ellie. She peeked above the covers at the door as a shape slipped through. Then the sound that sent a tremo gold ray ban glasses r down her spine. The click of a gun. Oh shit. Ellies heart nearly stopped. The bastards going to shoot me. Ned... now! The

that he could even take his degree by gold ray ban glasses himself. His mother chose a room for him on the fourth floor of a dyers she knew, overlooking the Eau-de-Robec. She made arrangements for his board, got him furniture, table and two chairs, sent home for an old cherry-tree bedstead, and bought besides a small cast-iron stove with the supply of wood that was to warm the poor child. Then at the end of a week she departed, after a thousand i gold ray ban glasses njunctions to be good now that he was going to be left to himself. The syllabus that he read on the notice-board stunned him; lectures on anatomy, lectures on pathology, lectures on physiology, lectures on pharmacy, lectures on botany and clinical medicine, and therapeutics, without counting hygiene and materia medicaall names of whose etymologies he was ignorant, and