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compared histories. Both were of the pioneer stock. Claras mother, like Saxons, had crossed the Plains with ox-teams, and, like Saxons, had wintered in Salt Intake Cityin fact, had, orange ray ban aviators with her sister orange ray ban aviators s, opened the first Gentile school in that Mormon stronghold. And, if Saxons father had helped raise the Bear Flag rebellion at Sonoma, it was at Sonoma that Claras father had mustered in for the War of the Rebellion and ridden as far east with his troop as Salt Lake City, of which place he had been provost marshal when the Mormon trouble flared up. To complete it all, Clara fetched from the cabin an ukulele of boa wood that was the twin to Saxons, and together they sang Honolulu Tomboy. Hastings decided to eat dinnerhe called the midday meal by its old-fashioned namebefore sailing; and down

and leading the way. My! orange ray ban aviators Billy ejaculated, towering above her. I used to think Saxon was small. But shed make two of you. And youre pretty big, the little woman smiled; but Edmund is taller than you, and broader-shouldered. They crossed a bright hall, and found the big beautiful husband lying back reading in a huge Mission rocker. Beside it was another tiny childs chair of red-enameled rattan. Along the length of his thigh, the head on his knee and directed toward a smoldering log in a fireplace, clung an incredibly large striped cat. Like its master, it turned its head to greet the newcomers. Again Saxon felt the loving benediction that abided orange ray ban aviators in his face, his eyes, his handstoward which she involuntarily dropped her eyes. Again she was impressed by the gentleness of them. They were hands

for he had run a long way, and the sun had risen high in heaven, and the rock was as hot as an oven, and the air danced reels over it, as it does over a limekiln orange ray ban aviators , till everything round seemed quivering and melting in the glare. But he could see nothing to eat anywhere, and still less to drink. The heath was full of bilberries and whimberries; but they were only in flower yet, for it was June. And as for water; who can find that on the top of a limestone rock? Now and then he passed by a deep dark swallow-hole, going down into the earth, as if it was the chimney of some dwarfs house underground; and more than once, as he passed, he could hear water falling, trickling, tinkling, many many feet below. How he longed to get down t orange ray ban aviators o it, and cool his poor baked lips! But, brave little chimney-

to have been cut in half too, and squeezed in a clothes-press till he was flat; but to all his big body and big fins he had only a little rabbits mouth, no bigger than Toms; and, when Tom questioned him, he answered in a little squeaky feeble voice: Im orange ray ban aviators sure I dont know; Ive lost my way. I meant to go to the Chesapeake, and Im afraid Ive got wrong somehow. Dear me! it was all by following that pleasant warm water. Im sure Ive lost my way. And, when Tom asked him again, he could only answer, Ive lost my way. Dont talk to me; I want to think. But, like a good many other people, the more he tried to think the less he could think; and Tom saw him blundering about all day, till the coast-guardsmen saw his big fin above the water, and r orange ray ban aviators owed out, and struck a boat-hook into him, and took him away.

or are skye-terriers, or fancy pigeons is kept up. But there is a hairy one among them, said Ellie. Ah! said the fairy, that will be a grea orange ray ban aviators t man in his time, and chief of all the tribe. And, when she turned over the next five hundred years, it was true. For this hairy chief had had hairy children, and orange ray ban aviators they hairier children still; and every one wished to marry hairy husbands, and have hairy children too; for the climate was growing so damp that none but the hairy ones could live: all the rest coughed and sneezed, and had sore throats, and went into consumptions, before they could grow up to be men and women. Then the fairy turned over the next five hundred years. And they were fewer still. Why, there is one on the ground picking up roots, said Ellie, and he cannot walk upright. No more he

very hard and wash very hard all that time, their brains may grow bigger, and their jaws grow smaller, and their ribs come back, and their tails wither off, and they will turn int orange ray ban aviators o water-babies again, and perhaps after that into land-babies; and after that perhaps into grown men. You know they wont? Very well, I daresay you know best. But you orange ray ban aviators see, some folks have a great liking for those poor little efts. They never did anybody any harm, or could if they tried; and their only fault is, that they do no goodany more than some thousands of their betters. But what with ducks, and what with pike, and what with sticklebacks, and what with water-beetles, and what with naughty boys, they are sae sair hadden doun, as the Scotsmen say, that it is a wonder how they live; and some folks cant help

used in Lake Worth. The .32 and a s orange ray ban aviators hotgun. One person didnt do that killing. Why? I stared at him, my hand tightening on the gun. Why did you have to kill them? We didnt take the art. No, you didnt take the art. Stratton did that himself. In fact, he had the art sold before you ever heard of the job. Sold? I looked at Ellie. I wa orange ray ban aviators s hoping she could make some sense of this. Moretti smiled. You had it pegged all the time, didnt you, Ellie? Neds big score, it was just a cover. How does it feel, your buddies ending up getting killed for a scam? Moretti was grinning at me as if he knew the answer to the next question would hurt even more. A scam for what? Why did you need to come after us if the art was already sold? Why Dave? You still dont know, do you? Moretti shook his head. Tears were

failed complete orange ray ban aviators ly in his examination for an ordinary degree. He was expected home the same night to celebrate his success. He started on foot, stopped at the beginning of the village, sent for his mother, and told her all. She excused him, threw the blame of his failure on the injustice of the examiners, encouraged him a little, and took upon herself to set matters straight. It was only five years later that Monsieur Bovary knew the truth; it was old then, and he accepted it. Moreover, he could not beli orange ray ban aviators eve that a man born of him could be a fool. So Charles set to work again and crammed for his examination, ceaselessly learning all the old questions by heart. He passed pretty well. What a happy day for his mother! They gave a grand dinner. Where should he go to practice? To Tostes, where