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leased it to a Portuguese and went to live in the city. In five years the Portuguese skimmed the cream and dried up the udder. The second lease, with ano popular ray ban sunglasses ther Portuguese for three years, gave one-quarter the former return. No third Portuguese appeared to offer to lease it. There wasnt anything left. That ranch was worth fifty thousand when the old man died. In the end the son got eleven thousand for it. Why, Ive seen land that paid twelve per cent., that, after the skimming of a five-years lease, paid only one and a quarter per cent. Its the same in our valley, Mrs. Hastings supplemented. All the old farms are dropping into ruin. Take the Ebe popular ray ban sunglasses ll Place, Mate. Her husband nodded emphatic indorsement. When we used to know it, it was a perfect paradise of a farm. There were dams and lakes,

no one else does. That is the one practical subject I know by experience, Edmund confirmed. I am an authority on Jersey cows. Call upon me any time for counsel. He stood up and went toward his book-shelves; and they saw how magnificently large a man he was. He paused a book in his hand, to answer a question from Saxon. No; there were no mosquitoes, although, one summer when the south wind blew for ten daysan unp popular ray ban sunglasses recedented thinga few mosquitoes had been popular ray ban sunglasses carried up from San Pablo Bay. As for fog, it was the making of the valley. And where they were situated, sheltered behind Sonoma Mountain, the fogs were almost invariably high fogs. Sweeping in from the ocean forty miles away, they were deflected by Sonoma Mountain and shunted high into the air. Another thing, Trillium Covert and Madrono

pleasant to his poor little heels, as he came bump, stump, jump, down the steep. And still he thought he could throw a stone into the garden. Then he went down three hundred feet of lime-stone terraces, one below the other, as straight as if a carpenter had ruled them with his ruler and then cut them out with his chisel. There was no heath there, but First, a little grass slope, covered with the prettiest flowers, rockrose and saxifrage, and thyme popular ray ban sunglasses and basil, and all sorts of sweet herbs. Then bump down a two-foot step o popular ray ban sunglasses f limestone. Then another bit of grass and flowers. Then bump down a one-foot step. Then another bit of grass and flowers for fifty yards, as steep as the house-roof, where he had to slide down on his dear little tail. Then another step of stone, ten feet high; and there he

was very near never finding the water-babies at all; and I am sure you would have been sorry for that. I hope that you have not forgotten the little white lady all this while. At least, here she comes, looking like a popular ray ban sunglasses clean white good little darling, as she always was, and always will be. For it befell in the pleasant short D popular ray ban sunglasses ecember days, when the wind always blows from the south-west, till Old Father Christmas comes and spreads the great white table-cloth, ready for little boys and girls to give the birds their Christmas dinner of crumbsit befell to go on in the pleasant December days, that Sir John was so busy hunting that nobody at home could get a word out of him. Four days a week he hunted, and very good sport he had; and the other two he went to the bench and the board of guardians,

Wall. For why? He was still too far down south. Then he met a ship, far larger than he had ever seena gallant ocean-steamer, with a long cloud of smoke trailing behi popular ray ban sunglasses nd; and he wondered how she went on without sails, and swam up to her to see. A school of dolphins were running races round and round her, going three feet for her one, and Tom asked them the way to Shiny Wall: but they did not popular ray ban sunglasses know. Then he tried to find out how she moved, and at last he saw her screw, and was so delighted with it that he played under her quarter all day, till he nearly had his nose knocked off by the fans, and thought it time to move. Then he watched the sailors upon deck, and the ladies, with their bonnets and parasols: but none of them could see him, because their eyes were not opened,as, indeed, most

ringing for early Mass; so this was Sunday. He paused, the second sock in his hand. There was no question popular ray ban sunglasses that his present environment was actual. Yet, on the other hand, he possessed a set of memories completely at variance with it. Now, suppose, since his environment were not an illusion, everything else were? Suppose all these troublesome memories were no more than a dream? Why, he was just little Allan Hartley, safe in his room on a Sunday morning, badly scared by a nightmare! popular ray ban sunglasses Too much science fiction, Allan; too many comic books! That was a wonderfully comforting thought, and he hugged it to him contentedly. It lasted all the while he was buttoning up his shirt and pulling on his pants, but when he reached for his shoes, it evaporated. Ever since he had wakened, he realized, he had

before. Maybe a little before. Cole tightened his jaw and glanced around the table as if for some kind of explanation. Ellie cleared her throat. I can bring him down, she said apprehensively. Stratton. 205 Youre on such incredibly thin ice already, Special Agent Shurtleff, your popular ray ban sunglasses knees must be freezing cold. Cole glared at her. I can bring him down, sir, she said, more firmly. Cole narrowed his gaze at her. She checked Harpering and Ficke to see if they were smirking. They werent. All right, the ADIC sighed, how? He thinks we have something he wants, Ellie said. This painting, Cole said, nodding. The ...Gaume? What is it about this thing? I dont know yet, Ellie said, but S popular ray ban sunglasses tratton doesnt know we dont know, either. Cole looked at Harpering and Ficke. There was stiff, evaluating silence around

dunghill, from which manure liquid oozed, while amidst fowls and turkeys, fiv popular ray ban sunglasses e or six peacocks, a luxury in Chauchois farmyards, were foraging on the top of it. The sheepfold wa popular ray ban sunglasses s long, the barn high, with walls smooth as your hand. Under the cart-shed were two large carts and four ploughs, with their whips, shafts and harnesses complete, whose fleeces of blue wool were getting soiled by the fine dust that fell from the granaries. The courtyard sloped upwards, planted with trees set out symmetrically, and the chattering noise of a flock of geese was heard near the pond. A young woman in a blue merino dress with three flounces came to the threshold of the door to receive Monsieur Bovary, whom she led to the kitchen, where a large fire was blazing. The servants breakfast was boiling beside it