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Americajust got back; or youd have seen us in Carmel. Hal wrote to us about the pair of you. It was the second time in her life that Saxon had been in a small boat, and the Roamer was the first yacht she had ever been on board. The writers wife, whom he called Clara, welcomed them heartily, and Saxon lost no t ray ban aviator black frame ime in falling in love with her and in being fallen in love with in return. So strikingly did they resemble each other, that Hastings was not many minutes in calling attention to it. He made them stand side by side, studied their eyes and mouths and ears, compared their hands, their hair, their ankles, and sw ray ban aviator black frame ore that his fondest dream was shattered namely, that when Clara had been made the mold was broken. On Claras suggestion that it might have been pretty much the same mold, they

Mrs. Hale exclaimed. For this is the Valley of the Moon. I know it, Saxon said with quiet confidence. It has everything we wanted. But you dont understand, my dear. This is the Valley of the Moon. This is Sonoma Valley. Sonoma is an I ray ban aviator black frame ndian word, and means the Valley of the Moon. That was what the Indians called it for untold ages before the first white men came. We, who love it, still so call it. And then Saxon recalled the mysterious references Jack Hastings and his wife had made to it, and the talk tripped along until Billy grew restless. He cleared his throat significantly and interrupted. We want to find out about that ranch acrost the creekwho owns it, if theyll sell, where w ray ban aviator black frame ell find em, an such things. Mrs. Hale stood up. Well go and see Edmund, she said, catching Saxon by the hand

hill; for now the ground grew very bad indeed. Instead ray ban aviator black frame of soft turf and springy heather, he met great patches of flat limestone rock, just like ill-made pavements, with deep cracks between the stones and ledges, filled with ferns; so he had to hop from stone to stone, and now and then he slipped in between, and hurt his little bare toes, though they were tolerably tough ones; but still he would go on and up, he could not tell why. What would Tom have said if he had seen, walking over the moor behind him, the very same Irishwoman who had taken his part upon the road? But whether it was that he looked too little behind him, or whether it was that she kept out of sight behind the rocks and knolls, he never saw her, though she saw him. And now he began to get ray ban aviator black frame a little hungry, and very thirsty;

pollock; but they were so greedy after the shrimps that they did not care to answer him a word. Then there came in a whole fleet of purple sea-snails, floating along, each on a sponge full of foam, and Tom said, Where do you come from, you pretty creatures? and have you seen the water-babies? And the sea-snails answered, Whence we come we know not; and whither we are going, who can tell? We float out our life in the mid-ocean, with the warm sunshine above our heads, and the warm gulf-stream below; and that is enough for us. Yes; perhaps we have seen the water-babies. We have seen many strange things as we sailed along. An ray ban aviator black frame d they floated away, the happy stupid things, and all ray ban aviator black frame went ashore upon the sands. Then there came in a great lazy sunfish, as big as a fat pig cut in half; and he seemed

the very strongest and fiercest gentlemen, who can help them up the trees out of the lions way. And she turned over the next five hundred years. And in that they were fewer still, and stronger, and fiercer; but their feet had changed shape very oddly, for they laid hold of the branc ray ban aviator black frame hes with their great toes, as if they had been thumbs, just as a Hindoo tailor uses his toes to thread his needle. The children were very much surprised, and asked the fairy whether that was her doing. Yes, and no, she said, smiling. It was only those who could use their feet as well as their hands who could get a good living: or, indeed, get married; so that they got the best of everything, and starved out all the rest; and those who are left keep up a regular breed of toe-thumbmen, as a breed of short ray ban aviator black frame -horns,

grow flat, their jaws grow out, and their brains grow small, and their tails grow long, and they lose all their ribs which I am sure you would not like to do, and their skins grow dirty and spotted, and they never get into the clear rivers, much less into the great wide sea, but hang about in dirty ponds, and live in the mud, and eat worms, as they deserve to do. But that is no reason why you should ill-use them: but only why you should pity them, and be kind to them, and hope that some day they will wake up, and be ray ban aviator black frame ashamed of their nasty, dirty, lazy, stupid life, and try to amend, and be ray ban aviator black frame come something better once more. For, perhaps, if they do so, then after 379,423 years, nine months, thirteen days, two hours, and twenty-one minutes for aught that appears to the contrary, if they work

swallowed hard. You had me under surveillance? So, wheres your backup, Moretti? Be my guest. Call them in. Tight ray ban aviator black frame ness crept onto the FBI agents face. Then a shrug of resignation. 200 Is this how you killed Tess McAuliffe? Ellie picked up his gun. Sneaking up on her in the bath, stuffing her head under? I wouldnt know, Moretti said. I didnt kill Tess Mc-Auliffe. Strattons man did that. I tightened my fist on the gun. But my friends, in Lake Worth.. ray ban aviator black frame .You did that, you sonuvabitch. Anson did. Moretti shrugged coolly. Sorry, Neddie-boy, didnt your mother ever tell you what happens when you take something that doesnt belong to you? I started to move toward Moretti. Nothing wouldve made me happier than to break his jaw. Ellie held me back. You dont get off that easily, Moretti. There were two guns

lecture; the next day all the lectures; and, enjoying ray ban aviator black frame his idleness, little by little, he gave up work altogether. He got into the habit of going to the public-house, and had a passion for dominoes. To shut ray ban aviator black frame himself up every evening in the dirty public room, to push about on marble tables the small sheep bones with black dots, seemed to him a fine proof of his freedom, which raised him in his own esteem. It was beginning to see life, the sweetness of stolen pleasures; and when he entered, he put his hand on the door-handle with a joy almost sensual. Then many things hidden within him came out; he learnt couplets by heart and sang them to his boon companions, became enthusiastic about Beranger, learnt how to make punch, and, finally, how to make love. Thanks to these preparatory labours, he