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buyin for Oakland. If I show Ive got the savve, an I have, all the Frisco firmsll be after me to buy for them. An its all your fault. Youre my Tonic Kid all right, all right, an if Possum wasnt lookin, Idwell, who cares if he does look? And Billy ray ban aviator junior leaned toward her sidewise and kissed her. The way grew hard and rocky as they began to climb, but the divide was an easy one, and they soon dropped down the canyon of the Blue Lakes among lush fields of golden poppies. In the bottom of the canyon lay a wandering sheet of water of intensest blue. Ahead, the folds of hills interlaced the distance, with a remote blue moun ray ban aviator junior tain rising in the center of the picture. They asked questions of a handsome, black-eyed man with curly gray hair, who talked to them in a German accent, while a cheery-faced woman

a gouge into his land, for he owns everything on three sides of it. Next I met Ping. He said Hilyard owned it an was willin to sell, only Chavon didnt have the price. Then, comin back, I looked in on Payne. Hes quit blacksmithinhis backs hurtin m from a kickan just startin in for real estate. Sure, he said, Hilyard would sell, an had already listed the land with m. Chavons over-pastured it, an Hilyard wont give m another lease. When they had climbed out of Wild Water Canyon they turned their horses about and halted on the rim where they could look across at the three densely wooded knolls in the midst of the desired hundred and forty. Well get it yet, Saxon said. Sure we will, Billy agreed with careless cer ray ban aviator junior titude. Ive ben ray ban aviator junior lookin over the big adobe barn again. Just the thing for a raft of

water-world for a long, long time to come. He had nothing to do now but enjoy himself, and look at all the pretty things wh ray ban aviator junior ich are to be seen in the cool clear water-world, where the sun is never too hot, and the frost is never too cold. And what did he live on? Water-cresses, perhaps; or perhaps water-gruel, and water-milk; too many land-babies do so likewise. But we do not know what one-tenth of the water-things eat; so we are not answerable for the water-babies. Sometimes he went along the smooth gravel water-ways, looking at the crickets which ran in and out among the stones ray ban aviator junior , as rabbits do on land; or he climbed over the ledges of rock, and saw the sand-pipes hanging in thousands, with every one of them a pretty little head and legs peeping out; or he went into a still corner, and

must come away home, or the tide will leave us dry. We have mended all the broken sea-weed, and put all the rock-pools in order, and planted all the shells again in the sand, and nobody will see where the ugly storm swept in last week. And this is the reason why the rock-pools are always so neat and clean; because the water-babies come inshore after every storm to sweep them out, and c ray ban aviator junior omb them down, and put them all to rights again. Only where men are wasteful and dirty, and let sewers run into the sea instead of putting the stuff upon the fields like thrifty reasonable soul ray ban aviator junior s; or throw herrings heads and dead dog-fish, or any other refuse, into the water; or in any way make a mess upon the clean shorethere the water-babies will not come, sometimes not for hundreds of years for they cannot

every moment he stumbled over dead shells, and fish, and sharks, and seals, and whales, which had been killed by the hot water. And at last he came to the great s ray ban aviator junior ea-serpent himself, lying dead at the bottom; and as he was too thick to scramble over, Tom had to walk round him three-quarters of a mile and more, which put him out of his path sadly; and, when he had got round, he came to the place called Stop. And there he stopped, and just in time. For he was on the edge of a vast hole in the bottom of the sea, up which was rushing and roaring clear steam enough to work all the engines in the world at once; so clear, indeed, ray ban aviator junior that it was quite light at moments; and Tom could see almost up to the top of the water above, and down below into the pit for nobody knows how far. But, as soon as he

intersection and hairpinned sharply to the left. I think my stomach was left somewhere behind. We were leaning so low, my jeans scraped against the pavement. We barely managed to avoid a head-on with a Lexus driven by some tourist with his bugeyed family. All of a sudden we were zigzagging down Cocoanut. Hows that for an exit, mate? Geoff flashed back a grin. It was as if we had jumped through the woods on some ski trail, and now we were on an ray ban aviator junior other trail, skiing against the flow. I looked around for a cop, exhaling with relief that one wasnt in sight. Then I looked behind. The Hummer had screeched to a stop at the ray ban aviator junior intersection. I thought for sure hed yank a right and get out of there. But he didnt! He swerved to the left and was coming after us again. Jesus, I shouted, squeezing Champs

opened and he disappeared. Chapter 108 ray ban aviator junior THE STRANGEST THOUGHT flashed through my mind as, gun in hand, I made my way up a darkened concrete staircase, following Dennis Stratton. Y ray ban aviator junior ears ago. Back in Brockton. I was wrestling with Dave. I think I was fifteen; he mustve been ten. He and one of his goofy buddies had been making idiotic chimp noises while I was trying to make out with this girl, Roxanne Petrocelli, in Buckley Park, just down from our house. I chased him down by the jungle gyms, and had him pretty good, maybe the last time I could ever take Dave. I had his arms and neck pinned back in a kind of full nelson. I kept saying, Uncle? Uncle? hoping hed give up. But the tough guy wouldnt budge. I kept pushing harder, watching him grow redder in the face. I thought if I pushed any more,

the sacred heart pierced with sharp arrows, or the poor Jesus sinking beneath the cross he carries. She tried, by way of mortification, to eat nothing a who ray ban aviator junior le day. She puzzled her head ray ban aviator junior to find some vow to fulfil. When she went to confession, she invented little sins in order that she might stay there longer, kneeling in the shadow, her hands joined, her face against the grating beneath the whispering of the priest. The comparisons of betrothed, husband, celestial lover, and eternal marriage, that recur in sermons, stirred within her soul depths of unexpected sweetness. In the evening, before prayers, there was some religious reading in the study. On week-nights it was some abstract of sacred history or the Lectures of the Abbe Frayssinous, and on Sundays passages from the Genie du