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clean slipped my recollection. Oaklands a thousan years away from you an me, an ten thousan miles. Then this will bring you back to it, Saxon said, opening Buds letter and reading it aloud. Bud had taken it for granted that Billy knew the wind-up of the strike; so he devoted himself to the details as to which men had got back their jobs, and which had been blacklisted. To his own amazement he had been taken back, and ray ban aviator orange was now driving Billys horses. Still more amazing was the further information he had to impart. The old foreman of the West Oakland stables had died, and since then two other foremen had done nothing but make messes of everything. The point of all which was that the Boss had spoken that day to Bud, regretting the disappearance of Billy. Dont make no mistake, Bud wrote. The ray ban aviator orange

I wanta tell you Hazel an Hattie was some tired when I stabled m at Calistoga an pulled out on the stage over St. Helena. I was Johnny-on-the-spot, an I nail ray ban aviator orange ed m eight whoppersthe whole outfit of a mountain teamster. Young animals, sound as a-dollar, and the lightest of em over fifteen hundred. I shipped m last night from Calistoga. An, well, that aint all. Before that, first day, at Lawndale, I seen the fellow with the teamin contract for the pavin-stone quarry. Sell horses! He wanted to buy em. He wanted to buy em bad. Hed even rent em, he said. And you sent him the eight you bought! Sa ray ban aviator orange xon broke in. Guess again. I bought them eight with Oakland money, an they was shipped to Oakland. But I got the Lawndale contractor on long distance, and he agreed to pay me half a dollar a day rent for

have brought you a new little brother, and watched him safe all the way here. Then all the fairies la ray ban aviator orange ughed for joy at the thought that they had a little brother coming. But mind, maidens, he must not see you, or know that you are here. He is but a savage now, and like the beasts which perish; and from the beasts which perish he must learn. So you must not play with him, or speak to him, or let him see you: but only keep him from being harmed. Then the fairies were sad, because they could not play with their new brother, but they always did what they were told. And their Queen floated away down the river; and whither she went, thither she came. But all this Tom, of course, never saw or heard: and perhaps if he had it would have made little difference in the story; ray ban aviator orange for was so hot and thirsty,

kindBecause there are not: or are none: or are none of them; or if he had been reading Aunt Agitate too because they do not exist. And he groped with his net under the weeds so violently, that, as it befell, he caught poor little Tom. He felt the net very heav ray ban aviator orange y; and lifted it out quickly, with Tom all entangled in the meshes. Dear me! he cried. What a large pink Holothurian; with hands, too! It must be connected with Synapta. And he took him out. It has actually eye ray ban aviator orange s! he cried. Why, it must be a Cephalopod! This is most extraordinary! No, I aint! cried Tom, as loud as he could; for he did not like to be called bad names. It is a water-baby! cried Ellie; and of course it was. Water-fiddlesticks, my dear! said the professor; and he turned away sharply. There was no denying it. It was a water-

from the lines; and they will be making cod-liver oil and guano, and salting down the fish; and there will be a man-of-war steamer there to protect them, and a lighthouse to show them the way; and you and I, perhaps, shall go some day to the Allalonestone to the great summer sea-fair, and dredge strange creatures such as man never saw before; and ray ban aviator orange we shall hear the sailors boast that it is not the worst jewel in Queen Victorias crown, fo ray ban aviator orange r there are eighty miles of codbank, and food for all the poor folk in the land. That is what Tom will see, and perhaps you and I shall see it too. And then we shall not be sorry because we cannot get a Gairfowl to stuff, much less find gairfowl enough to drive them into stone pens and slaughter them, as the old Norsemen did, or drive them on board along a

copying his fathers tone. Frank Gutchall, who lives at… take this downhe gave Gutchalls addresshas just borrowed a pistol from me, ostensibly to shoot a dog. He has no dog. He intends shooting his wife. Dont argue about how I know; there isnt time. Just take it for granted that I do. I disabled the pistoltook out the firing pinbut if he finds out what I did, he may get so ray ban aviator orange me other weapon. Hes on his way home, but hes on foot. If you hurry, you m ray ban aviator orange ay get a man there before he arrives, and grab him before he finds out the pistol wont shoot. O. K., Mr. Hartley. Well take care of it. Thanks. And I wish youd get my pistol back, as soon as you can. Its something I brought home from the other War, and I shouldnt like to lose it. Well take care of that, too. Thank you, Mr. Hartley. He hung up, and

Why the sudden change of heart? I dont know. Just sentimental, I guess. I heard somewhere it was your wifes favorite. This time Stratton didnt make a sound. I am looking for a piece by Henri Gaume. How do I know that what you claim to have is even the right one? Oh, its the one. A washerwoman staring into a mirror over a sink. Wearing a simple white apron. I knew anyone could have gotten ahold of the police report. That description wasnt exactly proof. It was in your bedroom hallway the night you had my friends killed. The night they robbed me, Mr. Kelly. Describe the frame. Its gold, I said. Old. With filigree trim. Turn it ray ban aviator orange over. Is there anything written on the back? I dont have it in fr ray ban aviator orange ont of me, I said. Remember, Im at Chuck and Harolds? Now that wasnt very smart, Mr. Kelly, Stratton

the window-curtain, she said, O God! gave a sigh and fainted. She was dead! What a surprise! When all was over at the cemetery Charles went home. He found no one downstairs; he went up to the first floor to their room; say her dress still hanging at the foot of the alcove; then, leaning against the writing-table, he stayed until the evening, buried in a sorrowful reverie. She had loved him after all! Chapter Three One morning old Rouault brought Charles the money for setting his legseventy-five francs in forty-sou pieces, ray ban aviator orange and a turkey. He had heard ray ban aviator orange of his loss, and consoled him as well as he could. I know what it is, said he, clapping him on the shoulder; Ive been through it. When I lost my dear departed, I went into the fields to be quite alone. I fell at the foot of a tree; I cried; I