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off a run, an apologized to m. Now why did I apologize? ray ban aviators I dont know, except for the same reason I punched mI just had to. And so Billy expounded the why of like in terms of realism, in the camp by the Umpqua River, while Possum expounded it, in similar terms of fang and appetite, on the rib of deer. Chapter 16 Chapter 16 With Possum on the seat beside her, Saxon drove into the town of Rose-burg. She drove at a walk. At the back of the wagon were tied two heavy young work-horses. Behind, half a dozen more marched free, and the rear was brought up by Billy, astride a ninth horse. All these he shipped from Roseburg to the West Oakland stables. It was in the Umpqua Valley that they heard the parable of the white sparro ray ban aviators w. The farmer who told it was elderly and flourishing. His farm was a model

to him to know where Mr. Grimes, the chimney-sweep, lived. Now, Mr. Grimes was Toms own master, and Tom was a good man of business, and always civil to customers, so he put the half-brick down quietly behind the wall, and proceeded to take orders. Mr. Grimes was to come up next morning to Sir John Harthovers, at the Place, for his old chimney-sweep was gone to prison, and the chimneys wanted sweeping. And so he rode away, not giving Tom time to ask what the sweep had gone to prison fo ray ban aviators r, which was a matter of interest to Tom, as he had been in prison once or twice himself. Moreover, the groom looked so very neat and clean, with his drab gaiters, drab breeches, drab jacket, snow-white tie with a smart pin in it, and clean round ray ban aviators ruddy face, that Tom was offended and disgusted at his

turned out to be four or five beautiful creatures, many times larger than Tom, who were swimming about, and rolling, and diving, and twisting, and wrestling, and cuddling, and kissing and biting, and scratching, in the most charming fashion that ever was seen. And if you dont believe me, you may go to the Zoological Gardens for I am afraid tha ray ban aviators t you wont see it nearer, unless, perhaps, you get up at five in the morning, and go down to Corderys Moor, and watch by the great withy pollard which hangs over the backwater, where the otters breed ray ban aviators sometimes, and then say, if otters at play in the water are not the merriest, lithest, gracefullest creatures you ever saw. But, when the biggest of them saw Tom, she darted out from the rest, and cried in the water-language sharply enough, Quick,

to learn by heart before she came back next Friday. And at that they all cried and howled so, that their breaths came all up through the sea like bubbles out of soda-water; and that is one reason of the bubbles in the sea. There are others: but that is the one which principally concerns little boys. And ray ban aviators by that time she was so tired that she was glad to stop; and, indeed, she had done a very good days work. Tom did not quite dislike the old lady: but he could not help thinking her a little spitefuland no wonder if she was, poor old soul; for if she has to wait to grow handsome till people do as they would be done by, she will have to wait a very long time. Poor old Mrs. Bedonebyasyoudid! she has a great deal of hard work before her, and had better have b ray ban aviators een born a washerwoman, and stood

flying out of doors and windows, like rabbits out of a burrow when a ferret goes in. But he never heeded; for out of the dust flew a bat, and the giant had him in a moment. Dear me! This is even more impo ray ban aviators rtant! Here is a cognate species to that which Macgilliwaukie Brown insists is confined to the Buddhist temples of Little Thibet; and now when I look at it, it may be only a variety produced by difference of climate! And having bagged his bat, up he got ray ban aviators , and on he went; while all the people ran, being in none the better humour for having their temple smashed for the sake of three obscure species of Podurella, and a Buddhist bat. Well, thought Tom, this is a very pretty quarrel, with a good deal to be said on both sides. But it is no business of mine. And no more it was, because he was a

first of many. There was a lot of noise down the hall the clang of cell doors, someone throwing up. It wasnt until the next morning that somebody finally came for me. A heavyset black cop from the day before. With two others. Free to go, I guess? I said with a fatalistic smile. 175 Oh, yeah, right, he chuckled. Theyre waiting for you up in the spa. Dont forget your robe. They took me upstairs to a small i ray ban aviators nterview room. Just a table and three chairs, a mirror on the wall that I figured was two-way. I waited alone for about ten minutes. The nerves were starting to go. Finally the door opened and two cops stepped in. One was the tall white-haired detective who was there when I surrendere ray ban aviators d at Strattons. Lawson. Palm Beach PD. The other was a short, barrel-chested guy in a blue shirt and tan

had totally underestimated Sollie. That comment he made once, about Stratton believing he was the biggest fish in the pond but there always being someone bigger. I was staring at him now. Im going to show you something once, Ned, Sol said, putting down the cards, and for your silence ever after Im going to pay you ray ban aviators a lot of money. Every penny you thought you were going to make that day when you went to meet your friends. I tried to remain calm. Thats a million dollars, Ned, if I remember right. And while were at it, how about another for your friends, and another for Dave. Thats three million, Ned. I cant repay you for what happened to them. I cant bring back whats been done. Im an old man. Moneys all I have, t ray ban aviators hese days. ...Well, not entirely . . . 248 There was a sparkle in Sols eyes. He

the branches trembled in a swift rustling, while their summits, ceaselessly swaying, kept up a deep murmur. Emma drew her shawl round her shoulders and ray ban aviators rose. In the avenue a green light dimmed by the leaves lit up the short moss that crackled softly beneath her feet. The sun was setting; the sky showed red between the branches, and the trunks of the trees, uniform, and planted in a straight line, seemed a brown colonnade standing out against a background of gold. A fear took hold of her; she called Djali, and hurriedly returned to Tos ray ban aviators tes by the high road, threw herself into an armchair, and for the rest of the evening did not speak. But towards the end of September something extraordinary fell upon her life; she was invited by the Marquis dAndervilliers to Vaubyessard. Secretary of State