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paper in a letter to Bud Strothers. They began to suffer from the heat. Billy declared they had strayed ray ban blue mirror aviator out of the blanket climate. There are no redwoods here, Saxon said. We must go west toward the coast. It is there well find the valley of the moon. From Woodland they swung west ray ban blue mirror aviator and south along the county roads to the fruit paradise of Vacaville. Here Billy picked fruit, then drove team; and here Saxon received a letter and a tiny express package from Bud Strothers. When Billy came into camp from the days work, she bade him stand still and shut his eyes. For a few seconds she fumbled and did something to the breast of his cotton work-shirt. Once, he felt a slight prick, as of a pin point, and grunted, while she laughed and bullied him to continue keeping his eyes shut. Close your eyes

yourselves. Saxon hesitated, shocked; while Billy gravely considered the question. You know John, Mrs. Mortimer went on, Mr. Hales man about the place? How do you like him? Oh, I was wishing only to-day that we could find somebody like him, Saxon said eagerly. Hes such a dear, faithful soul. Mrs. Hale told me a lot of fine things about him. Theres one thing she didnt tell you, smiled Mrs. Mortimer. John is a paroled convict. Twenty-eight years ago, in hot blood, he killed a man in a quarrel over sixty-five cents. Hes been out of prison with the Hales three years now. You remember Lo ray ban blue mirror aviator uis, the old Frenchman, on my place? Hes another. So thats settled. When your two comeof course you will pay them fair wagesand well make sure theyre the same nationality, eith ray ban blue mirror aviator er Chinese or Italianswell, when

the bells are ringing quite loud now; and they will stop soon, and then the door will be shut, and I shall never be able to get in at all. Tom was mistaken: for in England the church doors are left open all service time, for everybody who likes to come in, Churchman or Dissenter; ay, even if he were a Turk or a Heathen; and if any man dared to turn him out, as long as he behaved quietly, the good old English ray ban blue mirror aviator law would punish that man, as he deserved, for ordering any peaceable person out of Gods house, which belongs to all alike. But Tom did not know that, any more than he knew a great deal more which people ought to know. And all the while he never saw the Irishwoman, not behind him this time, but before. For just before he came to the river side, she had stept down into the cool cl ray ban blue mirror aviator ear

So the professor and the divine met at dinner that evening, and sat together on the sofa afterwards for an hour, and talked over the state of female labour on the antarctic continent for nobody talks shop after his claret, and each vowed that the other was the best company he ever met in his life. What an advantage it is to be men of the world! From all which you may guess that the professor was not the least of little Ellies opinion. So he gave her a ray ban blue mirror aviator succinct compendium of his famous paper at the British Association, in a form suited for the youthful mind. But, as we have gone over his arguments against water-babies once already, which is once too often, we will not repeat them here. Now little Ellie was, I suppose, a stupid little girl; for, instead of being co ray ban blue mirror aviator nvinced by Professor

wits end whom to ask. But by there came a flock of petrels, who are Mother Careys own chickens; and Tom thought them much prettier than Lady Gairfowl, and so perhaps they were; for Mother Carey had had a great deal of fresh experience between the time that she invented the Gairfowl and the time that she invented them. They flitted along like a flock of black swallows, an ray ban blue mirror aviator d hopped and skipped from wave to wave, lifting up their little feet behind them so daintily, and whistling to each other so tenderly, that Tom fell in love with them at once, and called them to know the way to Shiny Wall. Shiny Wall? Do you want Shiny Wall? Then come with us, and we will sh ray ban blue mirror aviator ow you. We are Mother Careys own chickens, and she sends us out over all the seas, to show the good birds the way home. Tom was

apart. A pistol, that I could put in my pocket. It wouldnt look right, to carry a hunting gun on the Lords day; people wouldnt understand that it was for a work of mercy. The lawyer nodded. In view of Gutchalls religious beliefs, the objection made sense. Well, I have a Colt .38-special, he said, but you know, I belong to this Auxiliary Police outfit. If I were called out for duty, this evening, Id need it. How soon could you bri ray ban blue mirror aviator ng it back? Something clicked in Allan Hartleys mind. He remembered, now, what that incident had been. He knew, too, what he had to do. Dad, arent there some cartridges left for the Luger? he asked. Blake Hartley snapped his fingers. By George, yes! I have a German automatic I can let you have, but I wish youd bring it back as soon a ray ban blue mirror aviator s possible. Ill get it for you.

mean exactly, Mr. Kelly. Are you that ‘close enough? Make sure youre there to pick it up when it rings. Just you and me. I dont know if I can make it, I said, glancing at my watch. Then I would scoot, Mr. Kelly. Thats three minutes and fifty seconds from now, and counting. I wouldnt miss my call if you ever want ray ban blue mirror aviator to discuss this matter aga ray ban blue mirror aviator in. I hung up the phone. I looked at Ellie for a split second. Go, she said. I ran through the house and into the front courtyard. I hopped into Ellies work car. She and the two FBI agents ran behind, climbing into another car. I shoved it into gear and took off through the gate, screeching in a wide arc onto County. I sped the six or seven blocks down to Poinciana as quickly as I could. I took the corner at about forty and screeched to a stop right in

edge on her, and then, like two knives, they scarified him with their reflections and observations. It was wrong of him to eat so ray ban blue mirror aviator much. Why did he always offer a glass of something to everyone who came? What obstinacy not to wear flannels! In the spring it came about that a notary at Ingouville, the holder of the widow Dubucs property, one fine day went off, taking with him all the money in his office. Heloise, it is true, still possessed, besides a share in a boat valued at six ray ban blue mirror aviator thousand francs, her house in the Rue St. Francois; and yet, with all this fortune that had been so trumpeted abroad, nothing, excepting perhaps a little furniture and a few clothes, had appeared in the household. The matter had to be gone into. The house at Dieppe was found to be eaten up with mortgages to its