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California ray ban clubmaster polarized plains, and everywhere was manifest the new farminggreat irrigation ditches, dug and being dug, the land threaded by power-lines from the mountains, and many new farmhouses on small holdings newly fenced. The bonanza farms were being broken up. However, many of the great estates remained, five to ten thousand acres in extent, running from the Sacramento bank to the horizon dancing in the heat waves, and studded with great valley oaks. It takes rich soil to make trees like those, a ten-acre farmer told them. They had driven off the road ray ban clubmaster polarized a hundred feet to his tiny barn in order to water Hazel and Hattie. A sturdy young orchard covered most of his ten acres, though a goodly portion was devoted to whitewashed henhouses and wired runways wherein hundreds of chickens were to be seen.

questions. She was almost breathle ray ban clubmaster polarized ss from her effort to keep up with him. What is it? she begged, as he lifted her to the saddle. Maybe its all a jokeIll tell you about it afterward, he put her off. They galloped on the levels, trotted down the gentler slopes of road, and not until on the steep descent of Wild Water canyon did they rein to a walk. Billys preoccupatio ray ban clubmaster polarized n was gone, and Saxon took advantage to broach a subject which had been on her mind for some time. Clara Hastings told me the other day that theyre going to have a house party. The Hazards are to be there, and the Halls, and Roy Blanchard… . She looked at Billy anxiously. At the mention of Blanchard his head had tossed up as to a bugle call. Slowly a whimsical twinkle began to glint up through the cloudy blue of his eyes. Its

wonderful little fellow, too, who peeped out of the top of a house built of round bricks. He had two big wheels, and one little one, all over teeth, spinning round and round like the wheels in a thrashing-machine; and Tom stood and stared at him, to see what he was going to make with his machinery. And what do you th ray ban clubmaster polarized ink he was doing? Brick-mak ray ban clubmaster polarized ing. With his two big wheels he swept together all the mud which floated in the water: all that was nice in it he put into his stomach and ate; and all the mud he put into the little wheel on his breast, which really was a round hole set with teeth; and there he spun it into a neat hard round brick; and then he took it and stuck it on the top of his house-wall, and set to work to make another. Now was not he a clever little fellow? Tom thought so: but

tumbled down. And at last he and the five hermits fell fast asleep under the cedar-shades, and there they sleep unto this day. But the fairies took to the water-babies, and taught them their lessons themselves. And some say that St. Brandan will a ray ban clubmaster polarized wake and begin to teach the babies once more: but some think that he will sleep on, for better for worse, till the coming of the Cocqcigrues. But, on still clear summer evenings, when the sun sinks down into the sea, among golden cloud-capes and cloud-islands, and locks and friths of azure sky, the sailors fancy that they see, away to westward, St. Brandans fairy isle. But whether men can see it or not, St. Brandans Isle once actually stood there; a great land out in the ocean, which h ray ban clubmaster polarized as sunk and sunk beneath the waves. Old Plato called it

the steam below, and ray ban clubmaster polarized the hole was left empty in an instant: and then down rushed the water into the hole, in such a whirlpool that the bogy spun round and round as fast as a teetotum. But that was all in his days work, like a fair fall with the hounds; so all he did was to say to Tom Now is your time, youngster, to get down, if you are in earnest, which I dont believe. Youll soon see, said Tom; and away he went, as bold as Baron Munchausen, and shot down the rushing cataract like a salmon at Ball ray ban clubmaster polarized isodare. And, when he got to the bottom, he swam till he was washed on shore safe upon the Other-end-of-Nowhere; and he found it, to his surprise, as most other people do, much more like This-End-of-Somewhere than he had been in the habit of expecting And first he went through Waste-paper-land,

backyard. There was a beautiful pool, a cabana, and a startled woman in a bathing suit reading on a chaise longue. Sorry, Geoff said, waving as we weaved by, wrong turn. Carry on. The gal immediately reached for a cell phone. I knew that in about two minutes the Hummer was going to be the least of our worries. The Palm Beach police would be on our tail. Whatever element of slapstick comedy this scene had was fading into full-fledged panic, fast very fast. We ducked through another opening in a hedge and emerged ray ban clubmaster polarized on South County. All clear, Geoff said with a wink. No way the Hummer could follow ray ban clubmaster polarized us. 164 Problem was, the island of Palm Beach is parallel to an inlet, and if you happened to be running from certain death, there are only a few ways off. We headed toward the South Bridge. I

Strattons voice. A floodlight shattered. A shot rang back. I felt a searing pain lance my shoulder. My hand shot to the wound. The gun slid out of my hand. Oh, jeez, Ned Stratton showed himself from behind a light trestle careful the ray ban clubmaster polarized re, buddy. I stared at the bastard. He had that supercilious grin Id grown to detest, along with his shiny bald brow. And that was when I heard it. The faintest thwack-thwakthwak beating in the distance. Coming closer, getting louder. Then off in the sky, a set of flashing lights was approaching, pretty f ray ban clubmaster polarized ast. A chopper. Wrong again, Mr. Kelly. Stratton smiled. Here comes my ride. Chapter 109 ELLIE CLIMBED the stairwell leading from the kitchen doors. She ran into a waiter hurrying down, babbling about this guy who was chasing some lunatic, headed up to the

pointed arches, spent their days leaning on the stone, chin in hand, watching a cavalier with white plume galloping on his black horse from the distant fields. At this time she had a cult for Mary Stuart and enthusiastic veneration for illustrious or unhappy women. Joan of Arc, Heloise, Agnes Sorel, the bea ray ban clubmaster polarized utiful Ferroniere, and Clemence Isaure stood out to her like comets in the dark immensity of heaven, where also were seen, lost in shadow, and all unconnected, St. Louis with his oak, the dying Bayard, some cruelties of Louis XI, a little of St. Bartholomews Day, the plume of the Bearnais, and always the remembrance of the pla ray ban clubmaster polarized tes painted in honour of Louis XIV. In the music class, in the ballads she sang, there was nothing but little angels with golden wings, madonnas, lagunes,