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an asparagus cannery in the height of the busy season, where they looked in vain among the toilers for familiar American faces. Billy picked out the bookkeepers and f ray ban dark lenses oremen for Americans. All the rest were Greeks, Italians, and Chinese. At the steamboat wharf, they watched the bright-painted Greek boats arriving, discharging their loads of glorious salmon, and departing. New York Cut-Off, as the slough was called, curved to the west and north and flowed into a vast body of water which was the united Sacramento ray ban dark lenses and San Joaquin rivers. Beyond the steamboat wharf, the fishing wharves dwindled to stages for the drying of nets; and here, away from the noise and clatter of the alien town, Saxon and Billy took off their packs and rested. The tall, rustling tules grew out of the deep water close

stained but without polish. The air was aromatic with clean wood odors. A walnut organ loomed in a shallow corner of the room. All corners were shallow in this octagonal dwelling. In another corner were many rows of books. Through the windows, across a low couch indubitably made for use, could be seen a restful pictu ray ban dark lenses re of autumn trees and yellow grasses, threaded by wellworn paths that ran here and there over the tiny estate. A delightful little stairway wound past more windows to the upper story. Here the little lady greeted them and led them into what Saxon knew at once was her room. The two octagonal sides of the ray ban dark lenses house which showed in this wide room were given wholly to windows. Under the long sill, to the floor, were shelves of books. Books lay here and there, in the disorder of use,

was a cunning little fellowas cunning as an old Exmoor stag. Why not? Though he was but ten years old, he had lived longer than most stags, and had more wits to start with int ray ban dark lenses o the bargain. He knew as well as a stag, that if he backed he might throw the hounds out. So the first thing he did when he was over the wall was to make the neatest double sharp to his right, and run along under the wall for nearly half a mile. Whereby Sir John, and the keeper, and the steward, and the gardener, and the ploughman, and the dairymaid, and all the hue-and-cry together, went on ahead half a mile in the very opposite direction, and inside the wall, leaving him a mile off on the outside; while Tom heard their shouts die away in the woods and chuckled to himself merrily. At last he came t ray ban dark lenses o a dip in the

and turning him aside ray ban dark lenses f ray ban dark lenses rom millraces, and sewer-mouths, and all foul and dangerous things. Poor little fellow, it was a dreary journey for him; and more than once he longed to be back in Vendale, playing with the trout in the bright summer sun. But it could not be. What has been once can never come over again. And people can be little babies, even water-babies, only once in their lives. Besides, people who make up their minds to go and see the world, as Tom did, must needs find it a weary journey. Lucky for them if they do not lose heart and stop half-way, instead of going on bravely to the end as Tom did. For then they will remain neither boys nor men, neither fish, flesh, nor good red-herring: having learnt a great deal too much, and yet not enough; and sown their wild oats, without

in the warm springs three times a day; and, as for clothes, it was so warm there that the gentlemen walked about in little beside a cocked hat and a pair of straps, or some light summer tackle of that kind; and the ladies all gathered gossamer in autumn when they were not too lazy to make their winter dresses. They were very ray ban dark lenses fond of music, but it was too much trouble to learn the piano or the violin; and as for dancing, that would have been too great an exertion. So they sat on ant-hills all day long, and played on the Jews harp; and, if the ants bit them, why they just got up and went to the next ant-hill, t ray ban dark lenses ill they were bitten there likewise. And they sat under the flapdoodle-trees, and let the flapdoodle drop into their mouths; and under the vines, and squeezed the grape-juice down

stirred St. Brandan and his hermits, as they slumbered in the shade; and they moved their good old lips, and sang th ray ban dark lenses eir morning hymn amid their dreams. But among all the songs one came across the water more sweet and clear than all; for it was ray ban dark lenses the song of a young girls voice. And what was the song which she sang? Ah, my little man, I am too old to sing that song, and you too young to understand it. But have patience, and keep your eye single, and your hands clean, and you will learn some day to sing it yourself, without needing any man to teach you. And as Tom neared the island, there sat upon a rock the most graceful creature that ever was seen, looking down, with her chin upon her hand, and paddling with her feet in the water. And when they came to her she looked up, and behold it was

You know where it came from? It was stolen from a police evidence bin. You dont think I know where youre headed with this? You get to take a big bow to the ray ban dark lenses press for bringing in Ned Kelly, then you say so long to playing Mrs. Kojak. Wasnt that our agreement? As far as the Bureau is concerned, these murders are solved. Ballistics. Motive. Airtight. Im talking about the art, Ellie said, looking right back at him. I thought I might go up there and hear the old man out. If thats okay? Moretti shrugged. I could send a local team. . . . A local teams not famili ray ban dark lenses ar with fences, or what to ask about the art, Ellie countered. Moretti didnt answer. He hid his face behind a steeple of his hands. Just when do you plan to go? 197 Tomorrow morning, Ellie said. Six A.M. If the guys as sick as Ive heard,

standing up, hurriedly, between a baptism and a burial; or else the cure, if he had not to go out, sent for his pupil after the Angelus*. They went up to his room and settled down; the flies and moths fluttered round the candle. It was close, the child fell asleep, and the good man, beginning ray ban dark lenses to doze with his hands on his stomach, was soon snoring with his mouth wide open. On other occasions, when Monsieur le Cure, on his way back after administering the viaticum to some sick person in the neighbourhood, caught sight of Charles playing about the fields, he called him, lectured him for a quarter of an hour and took advantage of the occasion to make him conjugate his verb at the foot of a tree. The rain ray ban dark lenses interrupted them or an acquaintance passed. All the same he was always pleased with him,