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For that matter, she found in Billy a certain health and rightness, a certain essential integrity, which she prized more highly than all book learning and bank accounts. It was by virtue of this health, and rightness, and integrity, that he had beaten Hall in argument the night the poet was on the pessimistic rampage. Billy had beaten him, not with the weapons of learning, but just by being himself and by speaking out the truth that was in him. Best of all, he had not even ray ban for men known that he had beaten, and had taken the applause as good-natured banter. But Saxon knew, though she cou ray ban for men ld scarcely tell why; and she would always remember how the wife of Shelley had whispered to her afterward with shining eyes: Oh, Saxon, you must be so happy. Were Saxon driven to speech to attempt to express what

Marble House is around, Ill sure get the gloves on with m just in memory of the time he walked me off my legs Oh! Oh! Saxon cried. Look, Billy! Look! Around a bend in the road came a man in a sulky, driving a heavy stallion. The animal was a bright chestnut-sorrel, with cream-colored mane and tail. The tail almost swept the ground, while the mane was so thick that it crested out of the neck and flowed down, long and wavy. He scented the mares and stopped short, head flung up and armfuls of creamy mane tossing in the breeze. He bent his head until flaring nostrils b ray ban for men rushed impatient knees, and between the fine-point ray ban for men ed ears could be seen a mighty and incredible curve of neck. Again he tossed his head, fretting against the bit as the driver turned widely aside for safety in passing. They could

thy noise, said Grimes. Let the boy be, said the keeper. Hes a civil young chap now, and thats more than hell be long if he bides with thee. Grimes laughed, for he took that for a compliment. I wish I were a keeper, said Tom, to live in such a beautiful place, and wear green velveteens, and have a real dog-whistle at my button, like you. The keeper laughed; ray ban for men he was a kind-hearted fellow enough. Let well alone, lad, and ill too at times. Thy lifes ray ban for men safer than mine at all events, eh, Mr. Grimes? And Grimes laughed again, and then the two men began talking, quite low. Tom could hear, though, that it was about some poaching fight; and at last Grimes said surlily, Hast thou anything against me? Not now. Then dont ask me any questions till thou hast, for I am a man of honour. And at that they both

a boat-race, or flashing up the cataract like silver arrows, out of the fiercest of the foam; or whether the fall be dwindled to a ray ban for men single thread, and the shingle below be as white and dusty as a turnpike road, while the salmon huddle together in one dark cloud in the clear amber pool, sleeping away their time till the rain creeps back again off the sea. You will not care much, if you have eyes and brains; for you will lay down your rod contentedly, and drink in at your eyes the be ray ban for men auty of that glorious place; and listen to the water-ouzel piping on the stones, and watch the yellow roes come down to drink and look up at you with their great soft trustful eyes, as much as to say, You could not have the heart to shoot at us? And then, if you have sense, you will turn and talk to the great

itay, and even punish them to make them conf ray ban for men ess, which is so detestable a crime that it is never committed now, save by Inquisitors, and Kings of Naples, and a few other wretched people of whom the world is weary. And then they say, We have trained up the child in the way he should go, and when he grew up he has departed from it. Why then did Solomon say that he would not depart from it? But perhaps the way of beat ray ban for men ing, and hurrying and frightening, and questioning, was not the way that the child should go; for it is not even the way in which a colt should go if you want to break it in and make it a quiet serviceable horse. Some folks may say, Ah! but the Fairy does not need to do that if she knows everything already. True. But, if she did not know, she would not surely behave worse than a

worked between them the loveliest wedding veil of Chantilly lace, and hung it up in their own Crystal Palace for any one to buy who could afford it; while the good old sea never grudged, for she knew they would pay her back honestly. So the sun span, and the wind wove, and all went well with the great steam-loom; as is likely, consideringand consideringand considering And at last, after innumerable adventures, each more wonderful than the last, he saw before him a huge building, much bigger, andwhat is most surprisinga little uglier than a certain new lunatic asylum, but not built q ray ban for men uite of the same materials. None of it, at leastor, indeed, for aught that I ever saw, any part of any other building whatsoeveris cased with nine-inch brick inside and out, and filled up with rubble betw ray ban for men een the

for me, Ellie? I tickled her, teasing her with pillow talk. 185 She shrugged. Unless another case turns up and I meet someone else. This kind of thing, you just never know. We laughed, and I drew her in to me. But I guess it was dawning on me tha ray ban for men t I was thinking about something else. I was going to jail. And Stratton had manipulated everything. Perfectly. Answer me something you trust the Palm Beach cops to see this through? Lawson? What about your own outfit, Ellie? Moretti? There may be someone I can trust, she said. A Palm Beach detective. I dont think hes under Lawsons thumb. Or Strattons. I still have a chip to play, I said. She looked at me, eyes wide. My father . . . Your father? You didnt give him up to the police? I shook my head. Nope. You? Ellie stared blankly. She ray ban for men didnt answer,

every stab of color, every line of the weary face. Trying to figure out how something so simple could be so magical. Or why it came to you. Or if you ever wanted that kind of money. Maybe a hundred million dollars, the lawyer estimated. Then you tell your wife. You tell her everything. Everything you were sworn not to. Hell, Sollies secret was safe now anyway. And after she yells at you for a wh ray ban for men ile and wants to punch you, you bring her in and watch her see it for the first time. You see something beautiful in your wifes face amid the astonishment and the awe. Oh my God, Neddie . . . Like watching a blind man discovering color for the first time. The magical caress of her eyes. T ray ban for men he reverence. It takes your breath away, too. And you bring in your ten-month-old baby and you hold him in front