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of a second. I wasnt expectin it myself. Were awful close together. His left glove ray ban junior sunglasses aint a foot from my jaw, an my left glove aint a foot from hisn. He feints with his right, an I know its a feint, an just hunch up my left shoulder a bit an feint with my right. That draws his guard over just about an inch, an I see my openin. My left aint got a foot to travel. I dont draw it back none. I start it from where it is, corkscrewin around his right guard an pivotin at the waist to put the weight of my shoulder into the punch. An it connects! Square on the point of the chin, sideways. He drops deado. I walk back to my corner, an, honest to God, Saxon, I cant help gigglin a little, it was that easy. The referee stands over m an counts m out. He never quivers. The audience dont kno ray ban junior sunglasses w what to make of

the ray ban junior sunglasses home barn and horses which Saxon used. In truth he had become a man of affairs, though Mrs. Mortimer had gone over his accounts, with an eagle eye on the expense column, discovering several minor leaks, and finally, aided b ray ban junior sunglasses y Saxon, bullied him into keeping books. Each night, after supper, he and Saxon posted their books. Afterward, in the big morris chair he had insisted on buying early in the days of his brickyard contract, Saxon would creep into his arms and strum on the ukelele; or they would talk long about what they were doing and planning to do. Now it would be: Im mixin up in politics, Saxon. It pays. You bet it pays. If by next spring I aint got a half a dozen teams workin on the roads an pullin down the county money, its me back to Oakland an askin the Boss for a job. Or,

less inclined they will be to say positively that there are no water-babies. No water-babies, indeed? Why, wise men of old said that everything on earth had its double in the water; and you may see that that is, if not quite true, still quite as true as most other theories which you are likely to hear for many a day. There are land-babiesthen why not water-babies? Are there not water-rats, water-flies, water-crickets, water-crabs, water-tortoises, water-scorpions, water-tigers and water-ho ray ban junior sunglasses gs, water-cats and water-dogs, sea-lions and sea-bears, sea-horses and sea-elephants, sea-mice and sea-urchins, sea-razors and sea-pens, sea- ray ban junior sunglasses combs and sea-fans; and of plants, are there not water-grass, and water-crowfoot, water-milfoil, and so on, without end? But all these things are only nicknames; the

Flowers laugh before thee on their beds And fragrance in thy footing treads; Thou dost preserve the stars from wrong; And the most ancient heavens, through Thee, are fresh and strong. WORDSWORTH, Ode to Duty. What became of little Tom? He slipped away off the rocks into the water, as I said before. But he could not help thinking of little Ellie. He did not remember who she was; but he knew that s ray ban junior sunglasses he was a little girl, though she was a hundred times as big as he. That is not surprising: size has nothing to do with kindred. A tiny weed may be first cousin to a great tree; and a little dog like Vick knows that Lioness is a dog ray ban junior sunglasses too, though she is twenty times larger than herself. So Tom knew that Ellie was a little girl, and thought about her all that day, and longed to have had her to play

very lar ray ban junior sunglasses ge that there swam into his mouth 943 sea-moths, 13,846 jelly-fish no bigger than pins heads, a string of salpae nine yards long, and forty-three little ice-crabs, who gave each other a parting pinch all round, tucked their legs under their stomachs, and determined to die decently, like Julius Caesar. I suppose, said Tom, she cuts up a great whale like you into a whole shoal of porpoises? At which the old whale laughed so violently that he coughed up all the creatures; who swam away again very thankful at having escaped out of that terrible whalebone net of ray ban junior sunglasses his, from which bourne no traveller returns; and Tom went on to the iceberg, wondering. And, when he came near it, it took the form of the grandest old lady he had ever seena white marble lady, sitting on a white marble throne.

I found the house full of cops. Gutchall talked the .38 officers model out of you, and gone home; hed shot his wife four times through the body, finished her off with another one back of the ear, and then used his sixth ray ban junior sunglasses shot to blast his brains out. The cops traced the gun; they took a very poor view of your lending it to him. You never got it back. Trust that gang to keep a good gun, the lawyer said. I didnt want us to lose it, this time, and I didnt want to see you lose face around City Hall. Gutchalls, of course, are expendable, Allan said. But my main reason for fixing Frank Gutchall up with a padded cell was that I wanted to know whether or not the future could be altered. ray ban junior sunglasses I have it on experimental authority that it can be. There must be additional dimensions of time; lines of

kept shouting into the microphone, Ned, whatre you doing? but Ned wasnt answering. Abort, Ficke was saying. Were calling this fiasco off. We cant do that, Ellie said. She pulled herself up from her listening post. Neds in the ballroom. Hes meeting with Stratton. Hes going t ray ban junior sunglasses hrough with it, now. If we go down there, Special Agent Shurtleff, Ficke said, glaring at her, you can be damn sure itll be to pick him up, not help him. Shows over. He ripped off his headset. Im not getting the Bureau dragged down over this cowboy. He nodded to the ops man. Cut it off. No, Ellie said, shaking her head. Giv ray ban junior sunglasses e me two guys. We cant just walk away from him. We promised. Hell still need backup. Hes going through with it. Hes meeting with Stratton. Then by all means stay and listen, Special Agent Shurtleff,

Until night they ate. When any of them were too tired of sitting, they went out fo ray ban junior sunglasses r a stroll in ray ban junior sunglasses the yard, or for a game with corks in the granary, and then returned to table. Some towards the finish went to sleep and snored. But with the coffee everyone woke up. Then they began songs, showed off tricks, raised heavy weights, performed feats with their fingers, then tried lifting carts on their shoulders, made broad jokes, kissed the women. At night when they left, the horses, stuffed up to the nostrils with oats, could hardly be got into the shafts; they kicked, reared, the harness broke, their masters laughed or swore; and all night in the light of the moon along country roads there were runaway carts at full gallop plunging into the ditches, jumping over yard after yard of stones,