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Saxon held out her arms to receive it, making motions as if she were bathing in the gray mist. I never thought Id grow tired of the sun, she said; but weve had more than our share the last few weeks. Ever since we hit the Sacramento Valley, Bi ray ban prescription sunglasses lly affirmed. Too much sun aint good. Ive worked that out. Sunshine is like liquor. Did you ever notice how good you felt when the sun come out after a week of cloudy weather, Well, that sunshine was just like a jolt of whiskey. Had the same effect. Made you feel go ray ban prescription sunglasses od all over. Now, when youre swimmin, an come out an lay in the sun, how good you feel. Thats because youre lappin up a sun-cocktail. But suppose you lay there in the sand a couple of hours. You dont feel so good. Youre so slow-movin it takes you a long time to dress. You go home draggin

; and instead of the ray ban prescription sunglasses groaning of the pit-engine, they heard the skylark saying his matins high up in the air, and the pit-bird warbling in the sedges, as he had warbled all night long. All else was silent. For old Mrs. Earth was still fast asleep; and, like many pretty people, she l ray ban prescription sunglasses ooked still prettier asleep than awake. The great elm-trees in the gold-green meadows were fast asleep above, and the cows fast asleep beneath them; nay, the few clouds which were about were fast asleep likewise, and so tired that they had lain down on the earth to rest, in long white flakes and bars, among the stems of the elm-trees, and along the tops of the alders by the stream, waiting for the sun to bid them rise and go about their days business in the clear blue overhead. On they went; and Tom looked, and

go and see them. He could not tell why; but the more he thought, the more he grew discontented with the narrow little stream in which he lived, and all his companions there; and wanted to get out into the wide wide world, and enjoy all the wonderful sights of which he was sure it was full. And once he set off to go down the stream. But the stream was very low; and when he came to the shallows he could not keep under water, for there was no water left to keep under. So the sun burned his back and made him sick; and he went back again and lay quiet in the pool for a whole week mor ray ban prescription sunglasses e. And then, on the evening of a very hot day, he saw a sight. He had been very stupid all day, and so had the trout; for they would not move an inch to take a fly ray ban prescription sunglasses , though there were thousands on the water, but lay

of their mouths, but came paddling and wriggling back to her like so many tadpoles, till you could see nothing of her from head to foot for the swarm of little babies. But she took Tom in her arms, and laid him in the softest place of all, and kissed him, and patted him, and talked to him, tenderly and low, such things as he had never heard before in his life; and Tom looked up into her eyes, and loved her, and loved, till he fell fast asleep from pure love. And when he woke she was telling the children a story. And what story did she tell ray ban prescription sunglasses them? One story she told them, which begins every Christmas Eve, and yet never ends at all for ever and ever; and, ray ban prescription sunglasses as she went on, the children took their thumbs out of their mouths and listened quite seriously; but not sadly at all; for she never told

at last he stumbled over a respectable old stick lying h ray ban prescription sunglasses alf covered with earth. But a very stout and worthy stick it was, for it belonged t ray ban prescription sunglasses o good Roger Ascham in old time, and had carved on its head King Edward the Sixth, with the Bible in his hand. You see, said the stick, there were as pretty little children once as you could wish to see, and might have been so still if they had been only left to grow up like human beings, and then handed over to me; but their foolish fathers and mothers, instead of letting them pick flowers, and make dirt-pies, and get birds nests, and dance round the gooseberry bush, as little children should, kept them always at lessons, working, working, working, learning week-day lessons all week-days, and Sunday lessons all Sunday, and weekly examinations every

walls, thinking this was going to be the first day of many like it. Ned. I heard a familiar voice from outside. I shot up on my cot. It was Ellie. She looked so good, in a cute print skirt and a short linen jacket. I ran over to the bars. I just wanted to touch her. But I felt so ashamed in my orange jumpsuit, on the wrong side of the bars. I 179 dont know, but that might ray ban prescription sunglasses have been the most depressing moment of all. Its going to be all right, Ned. Ellie tried to look upbeat. Youre going to answer all their questions. Tell them everything, Ned. I promise, Ill see what we can do. They think it was Liz, Ellie, I said, shaking my head. They think she was Gachet. That she ray ban prescription sunglasses set everything up, with her bodyguard. The art . . . They got it all wrong. I know. Ellie swallowed hard, clenching her jaw.

shrug. If I were you, I would go to the Camille Bay Resort in the Cayman Islands. Theres a check for the first million dollars waiting for you there. As long as this remains our little secret, theyll be another check every month. Thirty-five thousand dollars for five years wired to the same account. That should last longer than me. Of course, if you have sec ray ban prescription sunglasses ond thoughts and the police happen to find their way down here, well consider our accounts clea ray ban prescription sunglasses red. Then the two of us didnt say anything for a while. We just stared at the missing Gachet. The swirling brushstrokes, the sad, knowing blue eyes. And suddenly I thought I saw something in them, as if the old doctor were smiling at me. So, Neddie, whaddya think? Sol stared at the Gachet, his hands behind his back. I dont know. . . . I cocked

crystal covered with light steam reflected from one to the other pale rays; bouquets were p ray ban prescription sunglasses laced in a row the whole length of the table; and in the large-bordered plates each napkin, arranged after the fashion of a bishops mitre, held between its two gaping folds a small oval shaped roll. The red claws of lobsters hung over the dishes; rich fruit in open baskets was piled up on moss; there were quails in their plumage; smoke was rising; and in silk stockings, knee-breeches, white cravat, and frilled shirt, the steward, grave as a judge, offering ready carved dishes bet ray ban prescription sunglasses ween the shoulders of the guests, with a touch of the spoon gave you the piece chosen. On the large stove of porcelain inlaid with copper baguettes the statue of a woman, draped to the chin, gazed motionless on the room full