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following him on his early morning hunts, and life seemed one long vacation. Ill tell you one thing, he said to Saxon, one day, as they drew their horses to a halt and gazed down into Carmel Valley. I aint never going to work steady for another man for wages as long as I live. Work isnt everything, she acknowledged. I should guess not. Why, look here, Saxon, whatd it mean if I worked teamin in Oakland for a million dollars a day for a million years and just had to go on stayin ray ban rb2156 there an livin the way we used to? Itd mean work all day, three squares, an movie pic ray ban rb2156 tures for recreation. Movin pictures! Huh! Were livin movie pictures these days. Id sooner have one year like what were havin here in Carmel and then die, than a thousan million years like on Pine street. Saxon had warned the Halls

oached the mountain there were signs of a greater abundance of water. They drove beside a running stream, and, though the vineyards on the hills were summer-dry, the farmhouses in the hollows and on the levels were grouped about with splendid trees. Maybe ray ban rb2156 it sounds funny, Saxon observed; but I m beginning to love that mountain already. It almost seems as if I d seen it before, somehow, its so all-around satisfyingoh! Crossing a bridge and rounding a sharp turn, they were suddenly enveloped in a mysterious coolness and gloom. All abou ray ban rb2156 t them arose stately trunks of redwood. The forest floor was a rosy carpet of autumn fronds. Occasional shafts of sunlight, penetrating the deep shade, warmed the somberness of the grove. Alluring paths led off among the trees and into cozy nooks made by

and all persons who like meddling with other mens business, and spending other mens money. So they were all setting upon poor S ray ban rb2156 ir John, year after year, ray ban rb2156 and trying to talk him into spending a hundred thousand pounds or so, in building, to please them and not himself. But he always put them off, like a canny North-countryman as he was. One wanted him to build a Gothic house, but he said he was no Goth; and another to build an Elizabethan, but he said he lived under good Queen Victoria, and not good Queen Bess; and another was bold enough to tell him that his house was ugly, but he said he lived inside it, and not outside; and another, that there was no unity in it, but he said that that was just why he liked the old place. For he liked to see how each Sir John, and Sir Hugh, and Sir Ralph,

was like. All his fancy was, to get down to the wide wide sea. And after a while he came to a place where the river spread out into broad still shallow reaches, so wide that little Tom, ray ban rb2156 as he put his head out of the water, could hardly see across. And there he stopped. He got a little frightened. This mus ray ban rb2156 t be the sea, he thought. What a wide place it is! If I go on into it I shall surely lose my way, or some strange thing will bite me. I will stop here and look out for the otter, or the eels, or some one to tell me where I shall go. So he went back a little way, and crept into a crack of the rock, just where the river opened out into the wide shallows, and watched for some one to tell him his way: but the otter and the eels were gone on miles and miles down the stream. There he waited, and

little man; I am in serious, solemn earnest. And therefore, when Toms soul grew all prickly with naughty tempers, his body could not help growing prickly, too, so that nobody would cuddle him, or play with him, or even like to look at him. What could Tom do now but go away and hide in a corner and cry? For nobody would play with him, and he knew full well why. And he was so miserable all that week that when the ugly fairy came and looked at him once more full in the face, more seriously and sadly than ever, he could stand it no ray ban rb2156 longer, and thrust the sweetmeats away, saying, No, I dont want any: I cant bear them now, and then burst out crying, poor little man, and told Mrs ray ban rb2156 . Bedonebyasyoudid every word as it happened. He was horribly frightened when he had done so; for he expected her to

: I had better go with you, young man. And Tom had no objection, for such company was both respectable and safe; so the truncheon coiled its thong neatly round its handle, to prevent tripping itself upfor the thong ray ban rb2156 had got loose in runningand marched on by Toms side. Why have you no policeman to carry you? asked Tom, after a while. Because we are not like those clumsy-made truncheons in the land-world, which cannot go without having a whole man to carry them about. We do our own work for oursel ray ban rb2156 ves; and do it very well, though I say it who should not. Then why have you a thong to your handle? asked Tom. To hang ourselves up by, of course, when we are off duty. Tom had got his answer, and had no more to say, till they came up to the great iron door of the prison. And there the truncheon

our local church, St. Anns, in Brockton. A federal marshal had to accompany me on the trip. A young guy just out of t ray ban rb2156 raining named Hector Rodriguez. The funeral was out of state, therefore, out of my bail agreement. And I was a flight risk, of course. I already had. Hector was stapled to my side the whole way up. We buried Dave in the plot next to my brother, John Michael. Everyone was huddled there, cheeks streaming with tears. I held my mom by the arm. Its what they say about the Irish, right? We know how to bury people. We know how to hold up. We got used to losing people early in the Bush. The priest asked if anyone had any last words. To my surprise, my f ray ban rb2156 ather stepped forward. He asked for a moment alone. 187 He stepped up to the polished cherry casket and placed his hand on the lid.

down to the rippling tide. Wait for the current to draw back into the sea. I pointed toward the foamy riptide. You see it there? Davey nodded. Now, I said, easing him toward the water, throw! My twenty-month-old ran pitter-pa ray ban rb2156 tter into the surf and hurled the bottle with all his might. It went only about three feet but caught the lip of the receding wave and was drawn, gently, by the undertow. A new wave hit the bottle and it b ray ban rb2156 obbed up high but rode on, as if it knew its purpose, and fell over the crest, farther away. We all cheered. A couple of seconds later, it was like a little craft that had righted itself, successfully riding the waves out to sea. Wheres it going, Daddy? little Davey asked, shielding his eyes in the bright, ocean air. Maybe heaven, Ellie said, watching it drift. Whats