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Europe? At Sacramento they stopped two weeks, where Billy drove team and earned the money to put them along on their travels. Also, life in Oakland and Carmel, close to the salt edge of the coast, had spoiled them for the interior. Too warm, was their verdict of Sacramento and they followed the railroad west, through a region of swamp-land, to Davisville. Here they were lured aside and to the north to pretty Woodland, where Billy drove team for a fruit farm, and where Saxon wrung from him a reluctant cons ray ban size chart ent for her to work a few days in the fruit harvest. She made ray ban size chart an important and mystifying secret of what she intended doing with her earnings, and Billy teased her about it until the matter passed from his mind. Nor did she tell him of a money order inclosed with a certain blue slip of

dollar and a half a day. Now listen. I had a long talk with Mr. Hale this afternoon. He says there are practically no efficient laborers to be hired in the valley. I know that, Billy interjected. All the good men go to the cities. Its only the leavins thats left. The good ones that stay behind aint workin for wages. Which is perfectly true, every word. Now listen, children. I knew about it, and I spoke to Mr. Hale. He is prepared to make the arrangements for you. He knows all about it himself, and is in touch with the Warden. In short, you will parole two good-conduct prisoners from San Quentin; and they will be gardeners. There are plenty of Chinese and Italians there, and they are the best truck-farmers. You kill t xxx ray ban size chart x wo birds with one stone. You serve the poor convicts, and you serve

and go about the room, when they are not quite well. But he was not a bit surprised, and went on to the bank of the brook, and lay down on the grass, and looked into the clear, clear limestone water, with every pebble at the bottom bright and clean, while the little silver trout dashed about in fright at the sight of his black face; and he dipped his hand in and found it so cool, cool, cool; and he said, I will be a fish; I will swim in the water; I must be clean, I must be clean. So he pulled off all his clothes in such haste that he tore some of them, which was easy enough with such ragged old things. And he put his poor hot sore feet into the water; x ray ban size chart xxx and then his legs; and the farther he went in, the more the church-bells rang in his head. Ah, said Tom, I must be quick and wash myself;

dwarfs, trolls, elves, gnomes, fairies, brownies, nixes, wills, kobolds, leprechaunes, cluricaunes, banshees, will-othe-wisps, follets, lutins, magots, goblins, afrits, marids, jinns, ghouls, per ray ban size chart is, deevs, angels, archangels, imps, bogies, or worse, were nothing at all, and pure bosh and wind. And he had to get up very early in the morning to prove that, and to eat his breakfast overnight; but he did it, at ray ban size chart least to his own satisfaction. Whereon a certain great divine, and a very clever divine was he, called him a regular Sadducee; and probably he was quite right. Whereon the professor, in return, called him a regular Pharisee; and probably he was quite right too. But they did not quarrel in the least; for, when men are men of the world, hard words run off them like water off a ducks back.

hard, poor fellow, and he tumbled backwards off the rock, andreally, it was very unfortunate, but it was not my faulta shark coming by saw him flapping, and snapped ray ban size chart him up. And since then I hav ray ban size chart e lived all alone ‘With a fal-lal-la-lady. And soon I shall be gone, my little dear, and nobody will miss me; and then the poor stone will be left all alone. But, please, which is the way to Shiny Wall? said Tom. Oh, you must go, my little dearyou must go. Let me seeI am surethat isreally, my poor old brains are getting quite puzzled. Do you know, my little dear, I am afraid, if you want to know, you must ask some of these vulgar birds about, for I have quite forgotten. And the poor old Gairfowl began to cry tears of pure oil; and Tom was quite sorry for her; and for himself too, for he was at his

and big, awkward hands; black hair flecked with gray, and a harsh, bigoted face. Allan remembered him. Frank Gutchall. Lived on Campbell Street; a religious fanatic, and some sort of lay preacher. Maybe he needed legal advice; Allan could vaguely ray ban size chart remember some incident Ah, good afternoon, Mr. Gutchall. Lovely day, isnt it? Blake Hartley said. Gutchall cleared his throat. Mr. Hartley, I wonder if you could lend me a gun and some bullets, he began, embarrassedly. My little dogs been hurt, and its suffering something terrible. I want a gun, to put the poor thing out of its pain. Why, yes; of course. How would a 20-gauge shotgun do? Blake Hartley asked. You wouldnt want anythin ray ban size chart g heavy. Gutchall fidgeted. Why, er, I was hoping youd let me have a little gun. He held his hands about six inches

I have what youre lo ray ban size chart oking for, Stratton. You were right all along. I have the Gaume. There was a pause. He was evaluating just how to react. Whether I was telling the truth, or screwing with him. Setting him up. Where are you, Mr. Kelly? Stratton asked. Where am I? I paused. This wasnt what I expected. Im asking where your ray ban size chart e calling from, Mr. Kelly? That too difficult for you? Im close enough, I replied. All that matters is, I have your painting. Close enough, eh? Why dont we put that to the test? You know Chuck and Harolds? 212 Of course, I replied, looking nervously at Ellie. It wasnt supposed to go like this. Chuck & Harolds was a bustling, people-watching watering hole in Palm Beach. Theres a pay phone. Near the mens room. Ill be calling it in, lets say, four minutes from now. And I

made him swear, his hand on the prayer-book, that he would go there no more after much sobbing and many kisses, in a great outburst of love. He obeyed then, but the strength ray ban size chart of his desire protested against the servility of his conduct; and he thought, with a kind of naive hypocrisy, that his interdict to see her gave him a sort of right to love her. And then the widow was thin; she had long teeth; wore in all we ray ban size chart athers a little black shawl, the edge of which hung down between her shoulder-blades; her bony figure was sheathed in her clothes as if they were a scabbard; they were too short, and displayed her ankles with the laces of her large boots crossed over grey stockings. Charless mother came to see them from time to time, but after a few days the daughter-in-law seemed to put her own