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tell her, Mr. Gunston, about that fan tan sucker that made nineteen thousan last year in celery an asparagus. I was just telling your husband about the way the Chinese make things go up the San Joaquin river. It would be worth your while to go up there and look around. Its the good season nowtoo early for mosquitoes. You can get off the train at Black Diamond or Antioch and travel around among the big farming islands on the steamers and launches. The fares are cheap, and youll find some of those big gasoline boats, like the Duchess and Princess, more like big steamboats. Tell her about Chow Lam, Billy urged. The commission merchant leaned back and laughed. Chow La ray ban style glasses frames m, several years ago, was a broken-down fan tan player. He hadnt a cent, and his health was going back on ray ban style glasses frames him. He had worn out

to penetrate to the heart of Sonoma Mountain. Again, with no word spoken, merely from watching Saxon, Billy stopped the wagon. The canyon was wildly beautifu ray ban style glasses frames l. Tall redwoods lined its entire length. On its farther rim stood three rugged knolls covered with dense woods of spruce and oak. From between the knolls, a feeder to the main canyon and likewise fringed with redwoods, emerged a smaller canyon. Billy pointed to a ray ban style glasses frames stubble field that lay at the feet of the knolls. Its in fields like that Ive seen my mares a-pasturing, he said. They dropped down into the canyon, the road following a stream that sang under maples and alders. The sunset fires, refracted from the clouddriftage of the autumn sky, bathed the canyon with crimson, in which ruddy-limbed mandronos and wine-wooded manzanitas

chimney as a mole is underground; but at last, coming down as he thought the right chimney, he came down the wrong one, and found himself standing on the hearthrug in a room the like of which he had never seen before. Tom had never seen the like. He had never been in gentlefolks rooms but when the carpets were all up, and the curtains down, and the furni ray ban style glasses frames ture huddled together under a cloth, and the pictures covered with aprons and dusters; and he had often enough wondered what the rooms we ray ban style glasses frames re like when they were all ready for the quality to sit in. And now he saw, and he thought the sight very pretty. The room was all dressed in white,white window-curtains, white bed-curtains, white furniture, and white walls, with just a few lines of pink here and there. The carpet was all over gay little

who have no high f ray ban style glasses frames eelings, and take no care of their wives. Then he saw Tom, and looked at him very fiercely one moment, as if he was going to bite him. What do you want here? he said, very fiercely. Oh, dont hurt me! cried Tom. I only want to look at you; you are so handsome. Ah? said the salmon, very stately but very civilly. I really beg your pardon; I see what you are, my little dear. I have met one or two creatures like you before, and found them very agreeable and well-behaved. Indeed, one of them showed me a great kindness lately, which I hope to be able to repay. I hope we shall not be in your way here. As soon as this lady is rested, we shall proceed on our journey. What a well-bred old sa ray ban style glasses frames lmon he was! So you have seen things like me before? asked Tom. Several times, my dear.

the everlasting ground of all life and truth. So she taught Tom every day in the week; only on Sundays she always went away home, and the kind fairy took her place. And before she had taught Tom many Sundays, his prickles had vanished quite away, and his skin was smooth and clean again. Dear me! said the little girl; why, I know you now. You are the very same little chimney-sweep who came into my bedroom. Dear me! cried Tom. And I know you, too, now. You are the very little white lady whom I saw in bed. And he jumped at her, and longed ray ban style glasses frames to hug and kiss her; but did not, remembering that she was a lady born; so he only jumped round and round h ray ban style glasses frames er till he was quite tired. And then they began telling each other all their storyhow he had got into the water, and she had fallen over the rock; and

rattled inside like a dried walnut in its shell. He tried to get his hands out, and rub the place: but he could not, for they were stuck fast in the chimney. Now he was forced to attend. Hey! ray ban style glasses frames he said, why, its Tom! I suppose you have come here to laugh at me, you spiteful little atomy? Tom assured him he had not, but only wanted to help him. I dont want anything except beer, and that I cant get; and a light to this bothering pipe, and that I cant get either. Ill get you one, said Tom; and he took up a live coal there were plenty lying about and put i ray ban style glasses frames t to Grimes pipe: but it went out instantly. Its no use, said the truncheon, leaning itself up against the chimney and looking on. I tell you, it is no use. His heart is so cold that it freezes everything that comes near him. You will see that

Chapter 85 PALM BEACH Detective Carl Breen was sipping a Starbucks on a bench facing the marina across the bridge off Flagler Drive. Ellie turned to him. I need you to help me, Carl. 189 They stared at the fancy white yachts across the lake, beauties, crews in white uniforms hosin ray ban style glasses frames g them down. Why me? Breen asked. Why not go to Lawson? You and he seem to be buddies. Great friends, Carl. Stratton, too. Thats why Im here. Slips okay, the Palm Beach detective said, and smiled, speaking of Lawson. Hes just been here a long time. Im sure hes okay, Ellie said. Its who he works for I dont trust. A gull cawed from a mooring a few fee ray ban style glasses frames t away. Breen shook his head. Youve sure come a ways in a couple of weeks since you stumbled into my crime scene. The most sought after suspect in America falls in your

melded into the sea. But I think its close enough. . . . About the Authors James Patterson is the author of the two best-selling new detective series of the past decade: the Alex Cross novels, including the #1 New York Times bestsellers London Bridges, The Big Bad Wolf, and Four Blind Mice, and the Womens Murder Club series, including the #1 bestsellers 1st to Die, 2nd Chance, 3rd Degree, and 4th of July. He is also the author of the bestselling love stories Suzannes Diary for Nicholas and Sams Letters to Jennifer. He lives in Florida. Andrew Gross worked with James Patterson on the previous bestselling novel 3rd Degree. He lives with his wife, Lynn, and their three children ray ban style glasses frames in Westchester County, New York. We were in class when the head-master c ray ban style glasses frames ame in, followed by a new fellow, not