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pumping, night and day and all the tim ray ban sunglasses 3183 e. But it pays. It pays. Except for the dredgers, the fresh-piled sand, the dense willow thickets, and always Mt. Diablo to the ray ban sunglasses 3183 south, nothing was to be seen. Occasionally a river steamboat passed, and blue herons flew into the trees. It must be very lonely, Saxon remarked. Hastings laughed and told her she would change her mind later. Much he related to them of the river lands, and after a while he got on the subject of tenant farming. Saxon had started him by speaking of the land-hungry Anglo-Saxons. Land-hogs, he snapped. Thats our record in this country. As one old Reuben told a professor of an agricultural experiment station: They aint no sense in tryin to teach me farmin. I know all about it. Aint I worked out three farms? It was his kind that

like the rest of the old-fashioned farmers in this valley. Farm it like your vegetable plot, intensively, all the year, in crops that make horse-feed, irrigating, fertilizing, rotating your crops. T ray ban sunglasses 3183 hose three acres will feed as many horses as heaven knows how huge an area of unseeded, uncared for, wasted pasture would feed. Think it over. Ill lend you books on the subject. I dont know how lar ray ban sunglasses 3183 ge your crops will be, nor do I know how much a horse eats; thats your business. But I am certain, with a hired man to take your place helping your wife on her two acres of vegetables, that by the time you own the horses your three acres will feed, you will have all you can attend to. Then it will be time to get more land, for more horses, for more riches, if that way happiness lie. Billy understood.

wretched were the case Of men than beasts: But oh! the exceeding grace Of Highest God that loves His creatures so, And all His works with mercy doth embrace, That blessed Angels He sends to and fro, ray ban sunglasses 3183 To serve to wicked man, to serve His wicked foe! SPENSER. A mile off, and a thousand feet down. So Tom found it; though it seem ray ban sunglasses 3183 ed as if he could have chucked a pebble on to the back of the woman in the red petticoat who was weeding in the garden, or even across the dale to the rocks beyond. For the bottom of the valley was just one field broad, and on the other side ran the stream; and above it, gray crag, gray down, gray stair, gray moor walled up to heaven. A quiet, silent, rich, happy place; a narrow crack cut deep into the earth; so deep, and so out of the way, that the bad bogies can

dinner. But Tom was most astonished to see how he fired himself offsnap! like the leap-frogs which you make out of a gooses breast-bone. Certainly he took the most wonderful shots, and backwards, too. For, if he wanted to go into a narrow crack ten yards off, what do you think he did? If he had gone in head foremost, of course he could not have turned round. So he used to turn his tail to it, and lay ray ban sunglasses 3183 his long horns, which carry his sixth sense in their tips and nobody knows what that sixth sense is, straight down his back to guide him, and twist his eyes back till they almost came ou ray ban sunglasses 3183 t of their sockets, and then made ready, present, fire, snap!and away he went, pop into the hole; and peeped out and twiddled his whiskers, as much as to say, You couldnt do that. Tom asked him about water-

if its to the worlds end. Ah! said the fairy, that is a brave, good boy. But you must go farther than the worlds end, if you want to find Mr. Grimes; for he is at the Other-end-of-Nowhere. You must go to Shiny Wall, and through the white gate that never was opened; and then you will come to Peacepool, and Mother Careys Haven, where the good whales go when they die. And there Mother Carey will tell you the way to the Other-end-of-Nowhere, an ray ban sunglasses 3183 d there you will find Mr. Grimes. Oh, dear! said Tom. But I do not know my way to Shiny Wall, or where it is at all. Little boys must take the trouble to find out things for th ray ban sunglasses 3183 emselves, or they will never grow to be men; so that you must ask all the beasts in the sea and the birds in the air, and if you have been good to them, some of them will tell you

he insane? Or delirious? Or had the bomb really killed him; was this what death was like? What was that thing, about ye become as little children? He started to laugh, and his juvenile larynx made giggling sounds. They seemed funny, too, and aggravated his mirth. For a little while, he was on the edge of hysteria and ray ban sunglasses 3183 then, when he managed to control his laughter, he felt calmer. If he were dead, ray ban sunglasses 3183 then he must be a discarnate entity, and would be able to penetrate matter. To his relief, he was unable to push his hand through the bed. So he was alive; he was also fully awake, and, he hoped, rational. He rose to his feet and prowled about the room, taking stock of its contents. There was no calendar in sight, and he could find no newspapers or dated periodicals, but he knew that it was prior

detective work. He nodded to Ellie Shurtleff. But all about as circumstantial as you can get. Theres Frank Kellys testimony, Ellie said. The admission o ray ban sunglasses 3183 f a career felon? With a grudge against the deceased? Harpering, the lawyer, shrugged. It could stand up, if we could estab ray ban sunglasses 3183 lish a prior connection between the two. We have about forty-eight hours, Cole sniffed, before someone from Washington takes over. So giving some credence to Special 204 Agent Shurtleffs claim, how do we stand on Stratton? Can we tie him to Moretti in any way? Contact between Moretti and Stratton would have been understandable, Harpering injected. He was the agent in charge on his case. What about prior to the art being stolen? Moretti was a pro, sir, Ficke said. Goddammit. Cole pushed back his chair. If Moretti was

mind grew weary, and, sleep coming upon him, he soon fell into a doze wherein, his recent sensations blending with memories, he became conscious of a double self, at once student and married man, lying ray ban sunglasses 3183 in his bed as but now, and crossing the operation theatre as of old. The warm smell of poultices mingled in his brain with the fresh odour of dew; he heard the iron rings rattling along the curtain-rods of the bed and saw his wife sleeping. As he passed Vassonville he came upon a boy sitting on the grass at the edge of a ditch. Are you the doctor? asked the child. And on Charless answer he took his wooden shoes in his hands and ran on in front of him. The general practitioner, riding along, gathered from his guides talk that Monsieur Rouault must be one of the well-to-do farm ray ban sunglasses 3183 ers. He had