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and give me a kiss, she sang, and then Ill show you what iss. She kissed him and when he looked down he saw, pinned to his shirt, the gold medals he had pawned the day they had gone to the moving picture show and received their inspiration to return to the land. You darned kid! he exclaimed, as he caught her to him. So thats what you blew your fruit money in on? An I never guessed!Come here to you. And thereupon she suffered the pleasant mastery of his brawn, and was hugged and wrestled with until the coffee pot boiled over and she darted from him to the rescue. I kinda always been a mite proud of em, he confessed, as he rolled his after-supper cigarette. They take me back to my kid days when I a ray ban sunglasses mens mateured it to beat the band. I was some ray ban sunglasses mens kid in them days, believe muh.But say, dye know, theyd

they come, John, with their help, and under Mr. Hales guidance, will knock together a small cabin for them to live in. Well select the spot. Even so, when your farm is in full swing youll have to have more outside help. So keep your eyes open, Billy, while youre gallivanting over the valley. The next night Billy failed to return, and at nine oclock a G ray ban sunglasses mens len Ellen boy on horseback delivered a telegram. Billy had sent it from Lake County. He was after horses for Oak ray ban sunglasses mens land. Not until the third night did he arrive home, tired to exhaustion, but with an ill concealed air of pride. Now what have you been doing these three days? Mrs. Mortimer demanded. Usin my head, he boasted quietly. Killin two birds with one stone; an, take it from me, I killed a whole flock. Huh! I got word of it at Lawndale, an

water; and her shawl and her petticoat floated off her, and the green water-weeds floated round her sides, and the white water-lilies floated round her head, and the fairies of the stream came up from the bottom and bore her away and down upon their arms; for she was the Queen of them all; and perhaps of more besides. Where have you been? they asked her. I have been smoothing sick folks pillows, and whispering sweet dreams into their ears; opening cottage casements, to let out the stifling air; coaxing ray ban sunglasses mens little childr ray ban sunglasses mens en away from gutters, and foul pools where fever breeds; turning women from the gin-shop door, and staying mens hands as they were going to strike their wives; doing all I can to help those who will not help themselves: and little enough that is, and weary work for me. But I

Ptthmllnsprts arguments, she only asked the same question over again. But why are there not water-babies? I trust and hope that it was because the professor trod at that moment on the edge of a very sharp mussel, and hurt one of his corns sadly, that he answered quite sharply, forgetting that he was a scientific man, and therefore ought to have known that he couldnt know; and that he was a logician, and therefore ought to have known that he could not prove a universal negativeI say, I trust and hope it was because the mussel hurt his corn, that the professor answe ray ban sunglasses mens red quite sharply: Because there aint. Which was not even good English, my dear little boy; for, as you must know from Aunt Agitates Arguments, the professor ought ray ban sunglasses mens to have said, if he was so angry as to say anything of the

delighted, and swam off to them, after he had made his bow to the Gairfowl. But she would not return his bow: but held herself bolt upright, and wept tears of oil as she sang: And so the poor stone was left all alone; With a fal-lal-la-lady. But she was wrong there; for the stone was not left all alone: and the next time that Tom goes by it, he will see a sight worth seeing. The old Gairfowl is go ray ban sunglasses mens ne already: but there are better things come in her place; and when Tom comes he will see the fishing-smacks anchored there in hundreds, from Scotland, and from Ireland, and from the Orkneys, and the Shetlands, and from all the Northern ports, full of the children of the old Norse Vikings, the masters of the sea. And the men will be hauling in the great cod by thousands, till ray ban sunglasses mens their hands are sore

Before he could rise, Allan was on his feet. Sit still, Dad; Ill get it. I know where the cartridges are. With that, he darted into the house and upstairs. The Luger hung on the wall over his fathers bed. Getting it down, he dismounted it, working with rapid precision. He used the blade of his pocketknife to unlock the endpiece of the breechblock, slipping out the firing pin and buttoning it into his shirt pock ray ban sunglasses mens et. Then he reassembled the harmless pistol, and filled the clip with 9-millimeter cartridges from the bureau drawer. There was an extension telephone beside the bed. Finding Gutchal ray ban sunglasses mens ls address in the directory, he lifted the telephone, and stretched his handkerchief over the mouthpiece. Then he dialed Police Headquarters. This is Blake Hartley, he lied, deepening his voice and

front of the place. I glanced at my watch. Four minutes on the nose. I knew the way to the men ray ban sunglasses mens s room. I used to hang out at the bar. Just as I got there, the phone started ringing. Stratton! I answered. I see you are reso ray ban sunglasses mens urceful, he said, as though he were enjoying the hell out of this. So, Mr. Kelly, just you and me. No reason to have other people listening on the line. You were saying something about a painting by Henri Gaume. Tell me, what do you have in mind? Chapter 97 213 I WAS THINKING of handing it over to the police, I said. Im sure theyd be interested in a look. There was silence on the other end. Or we could strike a deal. Im afraid I dont deal with suspected murderers, Mr. Kelly. That gives us something in common already, Stratton. Usually, neither do I. Nice, Stratton chuckled.

foundations; what she had placed with the notar ray ban sunglasses mens y God only knew, and her share in the boat did not exceed one thousand crowns. She had lied, the good lady! In his exasperation, Monsieur Bovary the e ray ban sunglasses mens lder, smashing a chair on the flags, accused his wife of having caused misfortune to the son by harnessing him to such a harridan, whose harness wasnt worth her hide. They came to Tostes. Explanations followed. There were scenes. Heloise in tears, throwing her arms about her husband, implored him to defend her from his parents. Charles tried to speak up for her. They grew angry and left the house. But the blow had struck home. A week after, as she was hanging up some washing in her yard, she was seized with a spitting of blood, and the next day, while Charles had his back turned to her drawing