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had known in Oakland, or else they were merely wealthy and herded together in automobiles. There was no democratic artist-colony that pursued fellowship disregardful of the caste of wealth. Yet it was a more enjo ray ban wayfarer junior yable winter than any she had spent in Oakland. Billy had failed to get regular employment; so she saw much of him, and they lived a prosperous and happy hand-to-mouth existence in the tiny cottage they rented. As extra man at the biggest livery stable, Billys spare time was so great that he drifted into horse ray ban wayfarer junior -trading. It was hazardous, and more than once he was broke, but the table never wanted for the best of steak and coffee, nor did they stint themselves for clothes. Them blamed farmersI gotta pass it to em, Billy grinned one day, when he had been particularly bested in a horse

the spring to the house; an I did some figurin. I put it at three trips a day and on wash d ray ban wayfarer junior ays a whole lot more; an you cant guess what I made out she traveled a year packin water. One hundred an twenty-two miles. Dye get that? One hundred and twenty-two miles! I asked her how long shed bee ray ban wayfarer junior n there. Thirty-one years. Multiply it for yourself. Three thousan, seven hundred an eighty-two milesall for the sake of two hundred feet of pipe. Wouldnt that jar you? Oh, I aint done yet. Theys a bath-tub an stationary tubs a-comin soon as I can see my way. An, say, Saxon, you know that little clear flat just where Wild Water runs into Sonoma. Theys all of an acre of it. An its mine! Got that? An no walkin on the grass for you. Itll be my grass. I m goin up stream a ways an put in a ram. I got a big

to sit in the outer servants hall all day, and drink strong ale to wash away his sorrows; and they were washed away long before Sir John came back. For good Sir John had slept very badl ray ban wayfarer junior y that night; and he said to his lady, My dear, the boy must have got over into the grouse-moors, and lost himself; and he lies very heavily on my conscience, poor little lad. But I know what I will do. So, at five the next morning up he got, and into his bath, and into his shooting-jacket and gaiters, and into the stableyard, like a fine old English gentleman, with a face as red as a rose, and a hand as hard as a table ray ban wayfarer junior , and a back as broad as a bullocks; and bade them bring his shooting pony, and the keeper to come on his pony, and the huntsman, and the first whip, and the second whip, and the under-keeper

sea, and up through the clouds, and nobody heard or saw anything of her for a very long while. And this is why they say that no one has ever yet seen a water-baby. For my part, I believe that the naturalists get dozens of them when they are out dredging; but they say nothing about them, and throw them overboard again, for fear of spoiling their theories. But, you see the professor was found out, as every one is in due time. A very terrible old fairy found the professor out; she felt his bumps, and cast his nativity, and took the lunars of him carefully inside and out; and so she knew what he would do as well as if she ha ray ban wayfarer junior d seen it in a print book, as they say in the dear old west country; and he did it; and so he was found out before ray ban wayfarer junior hand, as everybody always is; and the old fairy will find

them that there was no one to hear them but the old keeper, who lived all alone upon the Ness, in a turf hut thatched with heather and fringed round with great stones slung across the roof by bent-ropes, lest the winter gales should blow the hut right away. But he never minded the birds nor hurt them, because they were not in season; indeed, he minded but two things in the whole world, and tho ray ban wayfarer junior se were, his Bible and his grouse; for he was as good an old Scotchman as ever knit stockings on a winters night: only, when all the birds were going, he toddled out, and took off his cap to them, and wished them a merry journey and a safe return; and then gathered up all the feathers which they had left, and cleaned them to sell down south, and make feather-beds ray ban wayfarer junior for stuffy people to lie on. Then the

that is, he specified. I was positively convinced that I was a man of forty-three, and my last memory was of lying on a stretcher, injured by a bomb explosion. And I was equally convinced that this had happened in 1975. Huh? His father straightened. Did you say nineteen seventy-five? He thought for a moment. Thats right; in 1975, you will be forty-thre ray ban wayfarer junior e. A bomb, you say? Allan nodded. During the siege of Buffalo, in the Third World War, he said, I was a captain in G5Scientific ray ban wayfarer junior Warfare, General Staff. Thered been a transpolar air invasion of Canada, and Id been sent to the front to check on service failures of a new lubricating oil for combat equipment. A week after I got there, Ottawa fell, and the retreat started. We made a stand at Buffalo, and that was where I copped it. I remember

the truth that it was me that got him killed. Some part of me wa ray ban wayfarer junior nted to say, See, my boys are the same, the same as me. Its the Kelly way. When you got ray ban wayfarer junior that job at Stroughton, the fact was, I was pretty goddamn proud. I nodded that I understood. That day, back home . . . that was the worst day of my life. My father looked in my eyes. Burying Dave. I nodded, then exhaled. Me, too. Yeah. His eyes rounded with sadness. But I was talking about that day at Fenway. When I let you walk away and take the heat for what Id done. Thats when I think I realized what a mess Id made of my life. How big a man you were, and how small Id become. Nah, how much of a punk Id always been. I was always a two-bitter, Neddie. But you arent. Frank shuffled, weak-kneed, over to the bars. This is long overdue, Ned,

old music-books, the little prizes she had won, and the oak-leaf crowns, left at the bottom of a cupboard. She spoke to him, too, of her mother, of the country, and even showed him the bed in the garden where, on the first Friday of every month, she gathered flowers to put on her mothers tomb. But the gardener they had never knew anything about it; servants are so stupid! She would have dearly liked, if only for the winter, to live in town, although the length of the fine days made the country perhaps even more wearisome in the summer. And, according to what she was saying, her voice was clear, sharp, or, on a sudden all languor, drawn out in modulations that ended almost in murmurs as she spoke to hersel ray ban wayfarer junior ray ban wayfarer junior f, now joyous, opening big naive eyes, then with her eyelids half closed, her look