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the six-horse stages leaving for Middletown and Lo ray ban wayfarer new wer Lake. They debated their route. That way led to Lake County and not toward the coast, so Saxon and Billy swung west through the mountains to the v ray ban wayfarer new alley of the Russian River, coming out at Healdsburg. They lingered in the hop-fields on the rich bottoms, where Billy scorned to pick hops alongside of Indians, Japanese, and Chinese. I couldnt work alongside of em an hour before Id be knockin their blocks off, he explained. Besides, this Russian Rivers some nifty. Lets pitch camp and go swimmin. So they idled their way north up the broad, fertile valley, so happy that they forgot that work was ever necessary, while the valley of the moon was a golden dream, remote, but sure, some day of realization. At Cloverdale, Billy fell into luck. A

deputy sheriff, who, in addition, reported on them to the prison authorities each month. Saxon, too, made out a monthly report and sent it in. As for the danger of their cutting her throat, she quickly got over the idea o ray ban wayfarer new f it. The mailed hand of the State hovered over them. The taking of a single drink of liquor would provoke that hand to close down and jerk them back to prison-cells. Nor had they freedom of movement. When old Gow Yum needed to go to San Francisco to sign certain papers before ray ban wayfarer new the Chinese Consul, permission had first to be obtained from San Quentin. Then, too, neither man was nasty tempered. Saxon had been apprehensive of the task of bossing two desperate convicts; but when they came she found it a pleasure to work with them. She could tell them what to do, but it was they

when school was over, to look at ray ban wayfarer new Tom: but there was no Tom there. She looked about for his footprints; but the ground was so hard that there was no slot, as they say in dear old North Devon. And if you grow up to be a brave healthy man, you may know some day what no slot means, and know too, I hope, what a slot does meana broad slot, with blunt claws, which makes a man put out his cigar, and set his teeth, and tighten his girths, when he sees it; and what his rights mean, if he has them, brow, bay, tray, and points; and see something w ray ban wayfarer new orth seeing between Haddon Wood and Countisbury Cliff, with good Mr. Palk Collyns to show you the way, and mend your bones as fast as you smash them. Only when that jolly day comes, please dont break your neck; stogged in a mire you never will be, I trust;

imagine. So, let us thank the Maker, and Inspirer, and Lord of Nature for all His wonderful and glorious works, and try and find out something about this one;I think that, if the professor had said ray ban wayfarer new that, little Ellie would have believed him more firmly, and respected him more deeply, and loved him better, than ever she had done before. But he was of a different opinion. He hesitated a moment. He longed to keep Tom, and yet he half wished he never had caught him; and at last he quite longed to get rid of him. So he turned away and poked Tom with his finger, for want of anything better to do; and said carelessly, My dear little maid, you must have dreamt of water-babies last night, your head is so full of them. Now Tom had been in the most horrible ray ban wayfarer new and unspeakable fright all the while; and

Quakeress, and they all bawled at her at once And it was in vain that she pleaded That she did not like grouse-eggs; That she could get her living very well without them; That she was afraid to eat them, for fear of the gamekeepers; That she had not the heart to eat them, because the grouse were such pretty, kind, jolly birds; And a dozen reasons more. For all the other scaul-crows set upon her, and pecked her to death there and then, before Tom could come to help her; and then flew away, very proud of what they had done. Now, was not this a scandalous tr ray ban wayfarer new ansaction? But they are true republicans, these hoodies, who do every one just what he likes, and make other people do so too; so that, for any freedom of speech, thought, or action, which is allowed among the ray ban wayfarer new m, they might as well be

have to front for me. Theyll keep your name out of it, but theyd give me a lot of cheap boy-hero publicity, which I dont want. He picked up his pencil again. We should have the complete returns in about twenty minutes. That was a ten-minute under-estimate, and it was another quarter-hour before the detective-sergeant who returned the Luger had finished congratulating Blake Hartley and giving him the thanks of the Department. After he had gone, the lawyer picked u ray ban wayfarer new p the Luger, withdrew the clip, and ejected the round in the chamber. Well, he told his son, you were right. You saved t ray ban wayfarer new hat womans life. He looked at the automatic, and then handed it across the table. Now, lets see you put that firing pin back. Allan Hartley dismantled the weapon, inserted the missing part, and put it together

faded facial lines of a younger man. A scene from my childhood flashed: Frank, arriving home with this grand entrance, carrying a big box. Mom was at the sink. JM and Dave and I were sitting around the kitchen table after school, eating snacks. I was maybe nine. Evelyn Kelly... My father spun Mom around, and said like the game show announcer, Come on down! He thrust out the box, and Ill never forget the look on my mothers face as she opened it. Out came this gorgeous fur coat. Frank dr ray ban wayfarer new aped it on her and twi ray ban wayfarer new rled her around like a dancer. My mother had this flushed, shocked look on her face, something between elation and disbelief. My father dipped her back like a ballroom dancer, winking to us. Just wait till you see whats behind door number three! My father could charm the gun off a beat

what a loss! His name had been talked about, his practice had increased; and moreover, he could go to the Bertaux just as he liked. He had an aimless hope, and was vaguely happy; he thought himself better looking as ray ban wayfarer new he brushed his whiskers before the looking-glass. One day he got there about three oclock. Everybody was in the fields. He went into the kitchen, but did not at once catch sight of Emma; the outside shutters were closed. Through the chinks of the wood the sun sent across the flooring long fine rays that were broken at the corners of the furniture and trembled along the ceiling. Some flies on the ray ban wayfarer new table were crawling up the glasses that had been used, and buzzing as they drowned themselves in the dregs of the cider. The daylight that came in by the chimney made velvet of the soot