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by letter that she and Billy intended starting on their search for the valley in the moon as soon as the first of summer arrived. Fortunately, the poet was put to no inconvenience, for Bideaux, the Iron Man with the basilisk eyes, had abandoned his dreams of priesthood and decided to become an actor. He arrived at Carmel from the Catholic college in time to take charge of the bungalow. Much to Saxons gratification, the crowd was loth to see them depart. The owner of the Carm ray ban white wayfarer el stable offered to put Billy in charge at ninety dollars a month. Also, he received a similar offer from the stable in Pacific Grove. Whither away, the wild Irish playwright hailed them on the station platform at Monterey. He was just returning from New York. To a valley in the moon, Saxon answer ray ban white wayfarer ed gaily. He regarded

circles of red columns ray ban white wayfarer growing around the dust of vanished ancestorswitnessing the titantic dimensions of those ancestors by the girth of the circles in which they stood. Out of the grove they pulled to the steep divide, which was no more than a buttress of Sonoma Mountain. The way led on through rolling uplands and across small dips and canyons, all well wooded and a-drip with water. In places the road was muddy from wayside springs. The mountains a sponge, said Billy. Here it is, the tail-end of dry summer, an the grounds just leakin everywhere. I know Iv ray ban white wayfarer e never been here before, Saxon communed aloud. But its all so familiar! So I must have dreamed it. And theres madronos!a whole grove! And manzanita! Why, I feel just as if I was coming homeā€¦ . Oh, Billy, if it should turn out to be our

and Sir Randal, had left his mark upon the place, each after his ow ray ban white wayfarer n taste; and he had no more notion of disturbing his ancestors work than of disturbing their graves. For now the house looked like a real live house, that had a history, and had grown and grown as the world grew; and that it was only an upstart fellow who did not know who his own grandfather was, who would change it for some spick and span new Gothic or Elizabethan thing, which looked as if it bad been all spawned in a night, as ray ban white wayfarer mushrooms are. From which you may collect if you have wit enough that Sir John was a very sound-headed, sound-hearted squire, and just the man to keep the country side in order, and show good sport with his hounds. But Tom and his master did not go in through the great iron gates, as if they had

slept too, for he was quite tired with his nights journey; and, when he woke, the stream was clearing to a beautiful amber hue, though it was still very high. And aft ray ban white wayfarer er a while he saw a sight which made him jump up; for he knew in a moment it was one of the things which he had come to look for. Such a fish! ten times as big as the biggest trout, and a hundred times as big as Tom, sculling up the stream past him, as easily as Tom had sculled down. Such a fish! shining silver from head to tail, and here and there a crimson dot; with a grand hooked nose and grand curling li ray ban white wayfarer p, and a grand bright eye, looking round him as proudly as a king, and surveying the water right and left as if all belonged to him. Surely he must be the salmon, the king of all the fish. Tom was so frightened that he

punish him very severely. But, instead, she only took him up and kissed him, which was not quite pleasant, for her chin was very bristly indeed; but he was so lonely-hearted, he thought that rough kissing was better than none. I will forgive you, little man, she said. I always forgive every one the moment they tell me the truth of their own accord. Then you will take aw ray ban white wayfarer ay all these nasty prickles? That is a very different matter. You put them there yourself, and only you can take them away. But how can I do that? asked Tom, crying afresh. Well, I think it is time for you to go to school; so I shall fetch you a schoolmistress, who will teach you how to get rid of your prickles. And so she went away. Tom was frightened at the notion of a school-mistress; for ray ban white wayfarer he thought she would certainly

knocked twice, with its own head. A wicke ray ban white wayfarer t in the door opened, and out looked a tremendous old brass blunderbuss charged up to the muzzle with slugs, who was the porter; and Tom started back a little at the sight of him. What case is this? he asked in a deep voice, out of his broad bell mouth. If you please, sir, it is no case; only a young gentleman from her ladyship, who wants to see Grimes, the master-sweep. Grimes? said the blunderbuss. And h ray ban white wayfarer e pulled in his muzzle, perhaps to look over his prison-lists. Grimes is up chimney No. 345, he said from inside. So the young gentleman had better go on to the roof. Tom looked up at the enormous wall, which seemed at least ninety miles high, and wondered how he should ever get up: but, when he hinted that to the truncheon, it settled the matter

He muttered something softly. What could he be saying? I never wanted this to happen to yo ray ban white wayfarer u, son? Ned shouldnt have gotten you involved? I glanced at Father Donlan. He nodded. I stepped down to the gravesite and stood next to Frank. The rain started to pick up. A cold breeze blew in my face. We stood there for a moment. Frank ran his hand along the casket, never even glancing at me. He took a deep swallow. They needed a go-between, Ned, my father said, and gritted his teeth. They needed someone to organize a crew, to do the heist. I turned to him, but he kept staring straight ahead. Who, Pop? Not the wife, if thats what you mean. Or that other chump they killed. I nodded. I already knew ray ban white wayfarer that, Pop. He shut his eyes. It was supposed to be a layup, Ned. No one was supposed to get hurt. You

inside? I tried to answer, but my voice caught in my ray ban white wayfarer throat and my eyes grew a little tight. Its a gi ray ban white wayfarer ft, Ellie answered for me. She took my hand. For your uncle Dave. It was a newspaper article, actually, that I had stuffed in the bottle. From the New York Times. In the past few days, it had also been reprinted in most other major newspapers in the world. 260 The art world was shocked Tuesday afternoon when a painting donated at a charity auction in Palm Beach, Florida, thought to be a reproduction of a missing van Gogh, astonishingly has been identified as an original. A panel of art experts, consisting of historians and curators at major auction houses who studied the canvas for several days, authenticated the painting as van Goghs long-missing second portrait of Dr. Gachet, painted in