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slow. There is a quicker way. They lease. In three years they can gut enough out of somebody elses land to set themselves up for life. It is sacrilege, a veritable rape sunglasses ray ban sale of the land; but what of it, Its the way of the United States. He turned suddenly on Billy. Look here, Roberts. You and your wife are looking for your bit of land. You want it bad. Now take my advice. Its cold, hard advice. Become a tenant farmer. Lease some place, where the old folks have died and the country isnt good enough for the sons and daughters. Then gut it. Wring the last dollar out of the soil, repair nothing, and in three years youll have your own place paid for. Then turn over a new leaf, and love your soil. Nourish it. Every do sunglasses ray ban sale llar you feed it will return you two. lend have nothing scrub about the place. If

Saxon showed her around, and she was delighted with everything, including the terms of the lease and its option to buy. And now, she said. What is to be done? Sit down, both of you. This is a council of war, and I am the one person in the world to tell you what to do. I ough sunglasses ray ban sale t to be. Anybody who has reorganized and recatalogued a great city library should be able to start you young people on in short order. Now, where shall we begin? She paused for breath of consideration. First, Madrono Ranch is a bargain. I know soil, I know beauty, I know climate. Madrono Ranch is a gold mine. There is a fortune in that meadow. TilthIll tell you about that later. First, heres the land. Second, what are you going to do with it? Make a living? Yes. Vegetables? Of course. What are sunglasses ray ban sale you going to do with them

woody crag sucked him up still more; and the perspiration ran out of the ends of his fingers and toes, and washed him cleaner than he had been for a whole year. But, of course, he dirtied everything, terribly as he went. There has been a great black smudge all down the crag ever sunglasses ray ban sale since. And there have been more black beetles i sunglasses ray ban sale n Vendale since than ever were known before; all, of course, owing to Toms having blacked the original papa of them all, just as he was setting off to be married, with a sky-blue coat and scarlet leg-gins, as smart as a gardeners dog with a polyanthus in his mouth. At last he got to the bottom. But, behold, it was not the bottomas people usually find when they are coming down a mountain. For at the foot of the crag were heaps and heaps of fallen limestone of every size

order to put herself and them into condition by mild applications of iodine. She might as well have stayed at home and used Parrys liquid horse-blister, for there was plenty of it in the stables; and then she would have saved her money, and saved the chance, also, of making all the children ill inst sunglasses ray ban sale ead of well as hundreds are made, by taking them sunglasses ray ban sale to some nasty smelling undrained lodging, and then wondering how they caught scarlatina and diphtheria: but people wont be wise enough to understand that till they are dead of bad smells, and then it will be too late; besides you see, Sir John did certainly snore very loud. But where she went to nobody must know, for fear young ladies should begin to fancy that there are water-babies there! and so hunt and howk after them besides raising the price

all in black, came out and talked to her, and drew her in. And Tom turned away northward, sad and wondering; and watched the great steamer slide away into the dusk, and the lights on board peep out one by one, and die out again, and the long bar of smoke fade away into the evening mist, till all was out of sight. And he swam northward again, day after day, t sunglasses ray ban sale ill at last he met the King of the Herrings, with a curry-comb growing out of his nose, and a sprat in his mo sunglasses ray ban sale uth for a cigar, and asked him the way to Shiny Wall; so he bolted his sprat head foremost, and said: If I were you, young Gentleman, I should go to the Allalonestone, and ask the last of the Gairfowl. She is of a very ancient clan, very nearly as ancient as my own; and knows a good deal which these modern upstarts dont, as

whom hed parted at the outbreak of the War. Morning, Dad, he greeted. Morning, son. Youre up early. Going to Sunday school? Now there was the advantage of a father whod cut his first intellectual sunglasses ray ban sale tooth on Tom Paine and Bob Ingersoll; attendance at divine services was on a strictly voluntary basis. Why, I dont think so; I want to do some reading, this morning. Thats always a good thing to do, Blake Hartley ap sunglasses ray ban sale proved. After breakfast, suppose you take a walk down to the station and get me a Times. He dug in his trouser pocket and came out with a half dollar. Get anything you want for yourself, while youre at it. Allan thanked his father and pocketed the coin. Mrs. Stauberll still be at Mass, he suggested. Say I get the paper now; breakfast wont be ready till she gets here. Good idea. Blake

her her job. Everything was out now: my dads involvement, sunglasses ray ban sale what Ellie had found out about Moretti, our conversations with Liz. Me. With Liz and Moretti dead, we didnt have much to hang on Stratton. He had orchestrated everything perfectly. That made me the angriest of all. That, and my father. Frank thought he was squaring things with the Man, but the irony was that by pulling the trigger, he had let Stratton go free. You keep throwing me hearts, I keep taking them, Sol said with an apologetic sigh. I guess Im not much competition today, I said, drawing a card. 207 Competition? This is rehabilitation, Ned. I promised the judge. Besides, at this rate Ill have made back your bail by tomorrow sunglasses ray ban sale afternoon. Then you can get the hell out. I smiled at the old guy. Im worried about Ellie, Sol. I can

her father grew impatient; she did not answer, but as she sewed she pricked her fingers, which she then put to her mouth to suck them. Charles was surprised at the whiteness of her nails. Th sunglasses ray ban sale ey were shiny, delicate at the tips, more polished than the ivory of Dieppe, and almond-shaped. Yet her hand was not beautiful, perhaps not white enough, and a little hard at the knuckles; besides, it was too long, with no soft inflections in the outlines. Her real beauty was in her eyes. Although brown, they seemed black because of the lashes, and her look sunglasses ray ban sale came at you frankly, with a candid boldness. The bandaging over, the doctor was invited by Monsieur Rouault himself to pick a bit before he left. Charles went down into the room on the ground floor. Knives and forks and silver goblets were laid for