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for two years, and bought one share in a thirty-share company. That was only five years ago. They leased three hundred acres of peat land from a white man who preferred traveling in Europe. Out of the profits of that one share in the first year, he bought two shares in another company. And in a year more, out of the three shares, he organized a company of his own. One year of this, with bad luck, and he just broke even. That brings it up to three years ago. The following year, bumper crops, he netted four thousand. The next year it wan five thousand. And last year he cleaned up nineteen thousand dollar where to buy ray ban lenses s. Pretty good, eh, for old broken-down C where to buy ray ban lenses how Lam? My! was all Saxon could say. Her eager interest, however, incited the commission merchant to go on. Look at Sing Keethe Potato King of

preposterously big a jackrabbit. How far to Glen Ellen? Billy asked. Mile an a half, was the answer. What creek is this? inquired Saxon. Wild Water. It empties into Sonoma Creek half a mile down. Trout?this from Billy. If you know how to catch em, grinned the boy. Deer up where to buy ray ban lenses the mountain? It aint open season, the boy evaded. I guess you never shot a deer, Billy slyly baited, and was rewarded with: I got the horns to show. Deer shed their horns, Billy teased on. Anybody can find em. I got the meat on mine. It aint dry yet The boy broke off, gazing with shocked eyes into the pit Billy had dug for him. Its all right, sonny, Billy laughed, as he where to buy ray ban lenses drove on. I aint the game warden. I m buyin horses. More leaping tree squirrels, more ruddy madronos and majestic oaks, more fairy circles of redwoods,

Tom, and he looks so kind and quiet. But why should the lady have such a sad picture as that in her room? Perhaps it was some kinsman of hers, who had been murdered by the savages in foreign parts, and she kept it there for a remembrance. And Tom felt sad, and awed, and turned to look at something else. The next thing he saw, where to buy ray ban lenses and that too puzzled him, was a washing-s where to buy ray ban lenses tand, with ewers and basins, and soap and brushes, and towels, and a large bath full of clean waterwhat a heap of things all for washing! She must be a very dirty lady, thought Tom, by my masters rule, to want as much scrubbing as all that. But she must be very cunning to put the dirt out of the way so well afterwards, for I dont see a speck about the room, not even on the very towels. And then, looking toward the bed, he saw

indeed, poor little dear: but how sad for him to live among such people as caddises, who have actually six legs, the nasty things; and dragon-flies, too! why they are not even good to eat; for I tried them once, and they are all hard and empty; and, as for trout, every one knows what where to buy ray ban lenses they are. Whereon she curled up her lip, and looked dreadfully scornful, while her husband curled up his too, till he looked as proud as Alcibiades. Why do you dislike the trout so? asked Tom. My dear, we do not even mention them, if we can help it; for I am sorry to say they are relations of ours who do us no credit. A great many years ago they were just like us: but they were so lazy, and cowardly, and greedy, that instead of going down to the sea every year to see the world and where to buy ray ban lenses grow strong and fat, they

it, or even nearest to it, can say least abou where to buy ray ban lenses t it, and make people understand least what it is like. There are a good many folks about the Other-end-of-Nowhere where Tom went afterwards, who pretend to know it from north to south as well as if they had been penny postmen there; but, as they are safe at the Other-end-of-Nowhere, nine hundred and ninety-nine million miles away, where to buy ray ban lenses what they say cannot concern us. But the dear, sweet, loving, wise, good, self-sacrificing people, who really go there, can never tell you anything about it, save that it is the most beautiful place in all the world; and, if you ask them more, they grow modest, and hold their peace, for fear of being laughed at; and quite right they are. So all that good little Ellie could say was, that it was worth all the rest of

be set to sweep your foul chimneys? Did I ask to have lighted straw put under me to make me go up? Did I ask to stick fast in the very first chimney of all, because it was so shamefully clogged up with soot? Did I ask to stay hereI dont know how longa hundred years, I do believe, and never get my pipe, nor my beer, nor nothi where to buy ray ban lenses ng fit for a beast, let alone a man? No, answered a solemn voice behind. No more did Tom, when you behaved to him in the very same way. It was Mrs. Bedonebyasyoudid. And, when the truncheon saw her, it started bolt uprightAttention!and made such a low bow, that if it had not been full of the spirit of justice, it must have tumbled on its end, and probably hurt its one ey where to buy ray ban lenses e. And Tom made his bow too. Oh, maam, he said, dont think about me; thats all past and gone, and

hooker down there. She was hired to do a job. Stratton. And where did you get this? Breen faced her. 190 Doesnt matter, Ellie said. You can have it, too. What does matter is that Dennis Stratton was having an affair with her, and that your own department knows about this and hasnt done shit. And that he killed his wife in retaliation and pinned the whole mess on her and the bodyguard. Killed her? Breens eyes shone. In retaliation for what? In retaliation for conspiring with Tess. Liz wanted out. She was coming clean with us. Stratton did it. To get rid of her and get the heat off himself. One thing I still dont get, Breen said, nodding cautiously. You said my depar where to buy ray ban lenses tment already knew about this relationship, between Tess and Stratton? You want to explain? Dennis Stra where to buy ray ban lenses tton was seen there, at

with black buttons must have been tight about the arm-holes, and showed at the opening of the cuffs red wrists accustomed to being bare. His legs, in blue stockings, looked out from beneath yellow trousers, drawn tight by braces, He wore stout, ill-cleaned, hob-nailed boots. We began repeating the lesson. He listened with all his ears, as attentive as if at a sermon, not daring even to cross his legs or lean on his elbow; and when at two oclock the b where to buy ray ban lenses ell rang, the master was obliged to tell him to fall into line with the rest of us. When we came back to work, we were in the habit of throwing our caps on the ground so as to have our hands more where to buy ray ban lenses free; we used from the door to toss them under the form, so that they hit against the wall and made a lot of dust: it was the thing. But, whether he